The classic quote goes like “the teachers see the potential in your before you see it yourselves“.

That’s the hallmark of a great teacher, and the learning and pedagogy are dependent on the bond that both teachers and students share with each other. To strengthen the bond, teachers walk the extra mile, try to find out new ways to engage with students, and upskill themselves to help them in several areas. One of them is taking up the extra role of a career counsellor. This means their job doesn’t end in the classroom but goes beyond that in shaping the careers of students.

Providing career counselling by teachers enhances a student’s sense of belonging to the school too. This environment encourages students to experiment, do more and not fret in case of failure. They get a constant dose of motivation from the teachers to set their goals and go the extra mile. 

To get into the zone of positive student-teacher relationships, teachers have to invest in skill-building and gaining knowledge about different courses, colleges, and careers that make them the best in their trade. The extensive research done by teachers aids them in cementing relationships with students. That makes skill-building the need of the hour. 

Let’s take a look at ways how to develop positive teacher-student relationship

Create a Fun Learning Environment for Students

Ambience adds a lot of weight to your classroom delivery. If you top it with fun learning activities, the students will go through a great experience. The classroom will also act as a platform that motivates and encourages students to grow mentally and academically. They don’t feel classroom activities are tedious as they develop a likability to the work and different tasks that are rolled on to them. No more absenteeism in classrooms and you see an increase in-class participation. All thanks to your pearls of wisdom that help you develop a positive teacher-student relationship.

Encourage Students to Think Beyond Academics

Many students have high ambitions, but they are not clear on the ways to achieve their goals. Teachers should aim at aligning the students’ preparation with their goals. Not only the academics but also the extracurriculars make their profile strong and college ready. So, teachers have to encourage students to build a non-academic profile. They should give proper guidance to create a roadmap as early as grade 8. When students start early with their profile building and college planning, the rate of success is really high. This is another way to develop a positive relationship with students. 

Give a Structure to Your Classroom

Students are more responsive in a structured classroom set-up where there is more scope for learning and feedback. Career counselling helps you to give more insights to students on various courses and college selections, and discuss a range of careers. This adds versatility to your delivery and brings liveliness to the class. Not to forget, the strong bond you build with your students and they know that you have their best interests at heart for them.

Add Enthusiasm to Your Classroom Delivery

Teachers need to bring in more enthusiasm during classroom sessions. They have to be active, and energetic and ensure that students are glued to the topic of discussion. While taking a session, you can ask more questions as a follow-up to the previous class. Once you become a trained career counsellor, things will easily roll out of you. More advice, more guidance, and all that brings enthusiasm to your classroom delivery. 

Display a Positive Attitude

Stay positive and motivate your students to be the same. Keep them inspired with your lessons and guidance. Whenever they are having a dip in morale, boost it up with your anecdotes and case studies. Training in career counselling helps you in upskilling and delivers the benefits of career counselling to the students.  

We hope that your question “How to Develop Positive Teacher – Student Relationship” has been answered. Teachers grow professionally as they step into the shoes of career counsellors and offer dual benefits to students. On one side, they build a positive relationship, and on the other, they scale up in their careers by taking up multiple activities and responsibilities.

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