You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” — Kahlil Gibran

The education industry has climbed the tech-savvy ladder! Whether it be a primary school teacher, high school teacher, or even a college professor. teachers these days need to acquire specific skills. Technology is driving us personally, professionally, socially, and ACADEMICALLY!

Hence, every student deserves 100% attention!

Patience, Hard Work, Class Management, Exam Preparations –  as teachers we have all said and heard these words. These qualities are essential, but along with these, a Teacher must also have an advanced skill set for the modern classroom.

10 Things Teachers Should Start Using in the Classroom:

1. Online Partnership:

Students are always excited during experiments in class. Group activity with their classmates and friends is very interesting to them. Creating a video of a class experiment or class activity will increase their level of interest and support for each other. The activity will also portray a Teacher-Student relationship in a modern classroom. Eventually, you can share the video on the school’s website, YouTube channel, or social media sites and across your school network.

2. Time Management:

We all know how difficult it is to manage time & syllabus. Students learn 90% better during practical sessions than theoretical sessions. Planning both theory and practice will help run the schedule smoothly. Also, with online collaboration, self-explanatory practical lessons can be their homework.

3. Tech Fundamentals:

A must-have in a modern teacher’s toolbox! With tech advancements in this digital age, knowing just the basics is not enough. One must be flexible with the start and end of tools. Be it google sheets, WordPress, social media platforms or a unique school system, knowing how to explore the web will bring the best results for you.

4. Curious to know more:

Nobody understands the education industry more than you. Experiencing tech advancement has surely created a need to learn more and stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry. As we preach ‘learning never stops’ it must not! Stay curious to know more, learn more.

5. Student-Teacher Interaction:

Teachers spend the day in and day out with the students at the school. Carrying a welcoming and friendly nature will allow students to approach you during their difficult times. This comes as an opportunity to help your students and guide them in the right direction.

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6. Healthy interaction with Parents:

Parents want to hear progressive things about their children. Share student activities on the school website and other social media platforms, as mentioned in the first point. That will motivate both, students and parents. Maintaining a healthy communication cycle will allow you and the parents to stay up to date about their child’s performance.

7. Global Career Counsellor Program:

Internationally recognized online program. The course is an all-in-one guide about the education industry. The program comprises various modules about school & student counselling. The training program is issued by the University of California Los Angeles Extension and Univariety. Adding it like this will bring major growth in your Teaching career. Especially after CBSE has made it mandatory for schools to now have a Counselling wing.

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8. Personality:

A strong personality always stands out. An individual with a strong personality is an ideal quality of a confident Teacher. One can not only control a class but also set an example for the students.

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9. Good Communication:

Nothing can be implemented or executed with good communication. For a Teacher to share ideas and knowledge, fluent communication is a must. What’s the point if your students don’t understand what you teach?

Here are 9 MUST HAVE. What’s the 10th one that you’d want to add?



To know more about Global Career Counsellor Program

While we talk about the MUST HAVE, it is not just restricted to Teachers. These are steps of learning and improving for any professional in the education industry. Be it, Educator, Principal, Counsellor, School Counsellor, Psychologist, Academic Coach, Career Coach, or any other professional. These must-haves are extremely beneficial in the modern-day classroom.

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