A Career Counsellors journey is quite exciting. As a new Career Counsellor, one goes through a lot of ups and downs in shaping their own career. The entire process of career development comes with a mixture of positive and negative comments from colleagues, competitors, clients and more. As challenging as it may sound, a Career Counsellor’s is extremely interesting, fun, and critical as it deals with shaping career for the future.  

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As a new Career Counsellors, it is very important to understand your responsibility towards your candidates. In your journey of career counselling, you must always remember the following things for professional development

  • The Environment

If you are a private counsellor or working under an institution, understanding and knowing the system in and out is an essential part of your career growth.  You can perform better with proper resources, techniques and modern methods at your disposal. Make sure you maintain a refreshing and positive workspace for your candidates to always feel comfortable in your session.

  • Listen before you speak

Every individual visiting you carries pain, it could be personal or professional, one could be holding it back or be very comfortable in sharing their thoughts. As a career counsellor, your job is to first listen, understand the root cause to their problems and then provide a well-researched solution.

  • Unbiased counselling

This is one of the first and most essential qualities of a successful Career Counsellor. At the beginning of your career you may get emotionally attached to few cases or have a personal opinion around the whole story, but as a professional, you must always remember to draw the line between your personal and professional space. An individual approaches a Career Counsellor to seek advice, support and help, not to receive criticism, judgment or an impression. Owning your candidate’s trust is a victory in your professional graph.

  • Differentiate between types

One of the best things about Career Counselling is meeting unique individuals. Some may be quite open about their situation, whereas some may be shy to share their thoughts at the first session. Some may find it cool to visit a counsellor, some may just visit to create a better resume. As a career counsellor, you must learn to differentiate between types. As a guide, it is your duty to direct them towards the right path, by providing the right solution with the help of resources, knowledge and your skill or know when to suggest a therapist to your client.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of your clients

This point serves as an oath for career counsellors. Client information is always confidential. Your client expresses his/her real self with 100% trust and it is your duty as a responsible career counselor to hold that information with you. You can discuss interesting and unique cases between colleagues but always maintain the line when it comes to personal details.

  • Believe in collaborations

We all learn from experiences and in the industry of career counselling, one learns from their clients, case study’s, conferences, colleagues and more. A career counsellor must always be open to criticisms by seniors and colleagues, they must try and share as much as possible because this is how true learning can happen. Collaborating with your colleagues in certain sessions and topics can be a great learning curve as a professional.

  • Self-development

Willingness to learn is the key to professional success. There are two approaches to this, you either develop a niche or master in several techniques. Self-development is one of the most important aspects of self-growth, personally and professionally. As a Career Counsellor, one must constantly engage in self-development activities like upgrade their knowledge and skills, knowledge about the market scenario, keep up with technology: blog, YouTube, social media, etc, learn about upcoming career options and their entrance procedures and more.

Global Career Counselling Training Course

While you make note of all these key points, there is one stop guide that comes with all the above-mentioned goals along with its own set of professional benefits. The Global Career Counselling Training Course from the University of California Los Angeles Extension and Univariety is an all in one guide to Career Counselling and Guidance. It is a 40+ hour online course that gives in-depth knowledge about career counselling in India and abroad across different curricula.  With a 3100+ trained career counsellor recommending this course, there’s nothing else that you’ll need to become a successful career counsellor.

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