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The Global Career Counsellor Certification By UCLA Extension & Univariety

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An all-in-one guide to know about career counselling.

This program is an amalgam of learnings from distinguished Indian and International experts in the field of counselling. The curriculum helps you to become a successful career counselor by educating you on how to align student's interests with career guidance and getting you updated with best practices in career counselling practiced both in India and abroad.

UCLA extension is a continuing education institution within the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). It has been consistently ranked in the Top 20 universities worldwide. Its courses are designed for working adults, college students and lifelong learners. Univariety is a Singapore based organization that sets up robust college guidance systems within schools and trains counselors in delivering excellence to students and parents. read more...

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Stories of Super Success

Ms. Hemangini Doshi
Ms. Hemangini Doshi

Psychologist & Practicing Counsellor, Mumbai

Case studies focusing on parents and students, showcasing different problems faced by them, were my favourite learning tool.

Mr. Khaled Kamel
Mr. Khaled Kamel

Director, Maham Education Services, Dubai, UAE

I feel the knowledge I have gained through GCC program will immensely help me guide my students to success

Mr. Joyce Issac
Mr. Joyce Issac

Counsellor, Mumbai

GCC has not just been a great addition to my CV, but also to my life!

Mr. Elgine Eddision
Mr. Elgine Eddision

Founder, TALC Life Counselling Centre, Gujrat

I got to learn how career counselling works in countries like US and gain invaluable insights from the UCLA module.

Ms. Gurleen Khaira
Ms. Gurleen Khaira

Owner, Khaira Education, Amritsar, Punjab

GCC has helped me build up my credibility and improved my efficacy as well.

The Career Counsellors Corner

A library with all things Career Counselling

The Role of Guidance and Counselling in the Education Industry
  • Apr 15,2019

Any form of guidance and counselling is an important educational tool in shaping the personality and basic orientation of the child since childhood. All good things when initiated early turns out to be successful over a period of time.Counselling from a young age helps a child tackle the negative ideas planted by his/her peers in school....

A Career Counselling Program : GCC Certification - UCLA Extension
  • Sept 16,2019

The beauty of online courses is the ease with which you can enhance your skills. You could be a teacher in Ludhiana, a counsellor from Chennai or just about anyone ambitious from Pune, Amritsar or some other corner of the country. With the right technology and curriculum at your fingertips...

Career Counselling in India
  • June 14,2019

Let's take a walk down the memory lane. Remember the first time you learned to ride a bicycle? Or the first time you cooked something by yourself? Well, it obviously wasn't easy, especially when there was nobody to guide you. Now, imagine if there was someone who had guided you or told you how do cook or ride a bicycle?..