Career Counselling as a profession has gained immense recognition and scope over a decade. The modernization in the education system and leveraging the level of professionalism is high on the agenda in India.

The Global Career Counsellor Certification Course (GCC)

The Global Career Counsellor Certification Course from the University of California, Los Angeles Extension and Univariety are one of the Best Career Counselling Courses in India. It has been designed to provide A-Z information about the education, guidance, and career counselling industry.  

It is an online course, meticulously designed and developed for educators, counsellors, teachers and professionals interested in building a career in the K-12 or career counselling industry. The beauty of online courses is the ease with which you can enhance your skills in the K-12 and counselling domain. If guiding students towards the right career path drives you, then you must become a Career Counsellor!

Who can become a Career Counsellor?

You could be a teacher in Ludhiana, a counsellor from Chennai or just about anyone ambitious from Pune, Amritsar or some other corner of the country. With the right technology and curriculum at your fingertips, you can progress and climb up the ladder in your career through online certification programs.  

The Global Career Counsellor Certification Course is specially created in order to help dedicated professionals use their potential in full capacity. The target of the course is to motivate adult learning and education and to encourage re-skilling and up-skilling in the education and guidance industry.

So, we bring to you a comparative analysis from our research and recent reports on Career Counselling and Guidance in India.

Comparative Analysis:

Almost 86% of high school students are concerned about their higher education with just 8% of students attributing guidance received from the school. Does this not ring a bell that the same high school students who happen to be the future of the nation, are in fact confused about their own future?

Career Guidance has become a core part K-12 of the curricula. As mentioned in one of our blogs The Great Indian Career Counselling Crisis many schools with IB, CIE, and ISC boards have Certified Counsellors on their payroll. Schools also conduct special counselling session for 10th & 12th graders. But by and large, most schools in India are not equipped to handle Career Counselling needs of their students presently. As mentioned in an India Today article:

“Recent reports indicate that the biggest concern for schools is the lack of career counselling cells that enable counsellors to guide students. Around 85% of students are concerned about which option to choose for higher education out which 92% don’t get any career-related guidance from their schools.”

The comparative analysis has shown that not all schools in India have concrete guidelines and requirements for professional skills, guidance, and development for counselling services in their premises. Hence, the MHRD’s directive to provide teacher training to 15 lakh teachers signals the need for continuous professional development for teachers. It is indeed the need of the hour, as a trained teacher would be better prepared to address students’ doubts about their future. UCLA extension’s Global Career Counsellor Certification (GCC) is one such program that aims to address a teacher’s continuous professional development by making them aware and globally certified.

The Profession

In addition, career counsellor formal education is provided by UCLA Extension. The Global Career Counsellor Certification is an online certification from UCLA Extension and Univariety. Today, Career Counselling as a profession is officially recognized, its representatives attend professional fairs and events, conduct various presentations, provide guidance for those who are looking for work or want to level-up their skills, organize training and seminars, conduct the research and implement national and international projects in their field of activities.

As far as the skills are concerned, career counsellors should have the right education/certification and mentoring skills, people managing skills, profound knowledge of their sphere of activity, the ability to constantly learn, develop and leverage their knowledge and skills. As not all of them work for companies or public organizations, some of them should also have entrepreneurial skills in order to be able to find the investors and to be able to conduct negotiations with them.

The purpose of the Global Career Counsellor Certification Course if to power up professionals who want to become successful, certified career counsellor. The course helps career counsellors to be able to help candidates with career development, work market trends, professional skills development, re-skilling, etc. Career counsellors should work in collaboration with schools, career centers, NGOs, universities, employment offices, etc. in order to facilitate access to information regarding professional development and employment.

So, what are you waiting for?



To become the Career Counsellor in Demand!

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