Wondering what resolutions to make for the new year? Start with developing essential & advanced skills for career counsellors. 

In the current time, India needs more than 1.5 million career coaches or career counsellors to cater to 315 million students. Imagine how rapidly the competition is growing in the market. Everyone is willing to become a career counsellor. 

How can you stand out as a professional in this crowd?

The first step is “Developing Advanced Skills for Career Counsellors”. 

In this article, find out the skills and qualities you’ll need to be different and carve yourself as a modern-day career counsellor.

5 Essential Skills for Career Counsellors

As a career counsellor, you work every day to make a difference in people’s lives through valuable interactions and providing them with suitable solutions. Therefore, you need to learn more about how you can grow in this demanding yet flexible field of career counselling. 

Listed below are some skills you should develop in this new year to build a career in career counselling.

  1. Proficiency in Comprehensive Visualization:
    Proficiency in Comprehensive Visualization

    In your counselling career, you will meet different people. Their backgrounds, experiences, and engagement levels will be different. To transition from one perspective to another, you need to maintain flexibility in your views and understanding. As a career counsellor, you need to think broadly. Expand your horizon of knowledge and understanding. Don’t go along with the crowd; think differently. Listen to the problems and explore different ways to solve them.

  2. Become Technoid – Use Latest Tools:
    Become Technoid – Use Latest Tools

    Career Counselling has gone beyond just sitting next to the client and listening to their questions. Now, you have different tools and techniques to understand the clients’ problems and provide them with the best solution. There are several psychometric tests available to measure people’s interest in various activities, their abilities, personalities, and tools to analyze their reports, and more. You can do a complete career assessment with the help of different counselling tools and techniques. There are serval guidance tools apart from just psychometric assessments, tools for subject selection, profile building, curriculum evaluation, and so on are some upcoming products that most counsellors are using these days. Use counselling tools, become technoid, and own the industry.

  3. Art of Public Speaking: Public speaking is an art. It boosts your confidence,
    Art of Public Speaking

    makes you a critical thinker, improves your communication skills, and most importantly, gives you the attention and importance from your audience. Public speaking is one of the best skills to have for your personality development. To reach out to multiple people at a time, you can conduct webinars, workshops, group visits, and lots more. It helps you get out of your comfort zone and share your thoughts candidly.

  4. Ability of Discretion:
    Ability of Discretion

    Making responsible decisions should be one of the advanced skills for career counsellors. People look up to you as a career guide. You cannot just listen to them and provide a solution instantly. Collect every important information from the client, research more, understand the problem, look at every aspect, and then provide the solution. This is how you can make reliable decisions. The power of discretion does not come in the beginning; it comes with experience. A couple of sessions with some clients and you will be able to master this skill.

  5. Networking Skills: Building a network is something every counsellor should do.
    Networking Skills

    It helps you develop and improve your skill set. You get to know the top latest trends in the industry, meet prospective mentors, partners, clients, and get access to the necessary resources. That’s why networking is one of the major skills that every career counsellor should be good at. As mentioned above, you can expand your reach with public speaking. But this is not it. You have several other ways to expand your network like associate with an organization to get a platform, attend networking events in your domain, conduct a free session for your locality/community, invite some peers for a panel discussion on a trending topic, and so on. It can help in fostering your career development.

Hear from the Horse’s Mouth

We interacted with some career counsellors and documented their stories to share with you.  Check out their career transformation by developing some advanced skills for career counsellors.

Meghana Khan - Testimonial
Meghana Khan

Meet Meghana Khan, who has over 15 years of experience in the education industry. In order to officially get started as a career counsellor, Meghana explored paths through different domains like faculty, sales, and marketing, university admissions, etc. Her love for guiding students made her start as an Admissions Manager at a university, from where she realized the importance of counselling as a skill. Read the Full Story Here.


Deepali Palande - Testimonial
Deepali Palande

Career stagnation affects all of us at some point. This is Deepali Palande, a talented marketing and events enthusiast who felt the need for change. Having spent significant time working in the higher education space, she decided to reinvent her career by exploring opportunities in career counselling. Read the Full Story Here.



Career Counseling is all about creating strong relationships with people and empowering them to make the right career decisions. You need all the above-mentioned skills for career counsellors to master the profession. 

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all these skills, you’re at the right place. Master the art of career counselling with the Global Career Counsellor program by Univariety in collaboration with UCLA Extension. The program is an all-in-one guide to learn about career counselling from techniques and trends to best practices.

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    Deepkiran Rehal Reply

    Already enrolled at univariety, looking forward to a career in career counselling. Being an educationist and interacting with students on a regular basis, I understand very well the concept of finding individuality among the clients in any kind of counseling. Additionally, networking and smart use of technology is where I need to work on. Very useful article.

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    Thank you @Deepkiran. Yes, networking plays a major role in professional as well as personal life. Thank you for liking it.

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