Career counselling is set to become one of the most sought after jobs globally with a 19% employment rate as per Industry reports. The Global Career Counsellor (GCC) Program from UCLA Extension, a Top 20 Global University, and Univariety is here to guide you in taking that next step to power up your career.

Thus, an international program like the GCC comes with multiple benefits. Right from gaining global recognition to being the most preferred candidate for an interview. The USP of this international program is that it is not restricted to a particular profession or course of study. Similarly, any individual from any profession can opt for the GCC course and become a trained career counsellor.

Since there is a huge demand for career counsellors in India, the GCC program definitely acts as a feather in the cap for most educators, teachers, principals, school counsellors, academic coaches and more.

Jobs, Jobs, and more JOBS!

With just over 500 counsellors in India against 1.5 lakh schools in the country, there is a HUGE opportunity for jobs for counsellors in the country.

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Don’t believe us? Then see for yourself:

As a Career Counsellor you would unlock doors to the following career opportunities for yourself:

Career Counsellor jobs

  • For an Educational Institution: Schools and Universities:

Get an opportunity to work for schools and universities across the country. This option is for individuals looking to work as a dedicated counsellor for educational organizations and become salaried employees.

universities career counsellor

  • For an established consultancy firm:

Get an opportunity to work as an educational consultant. Provide guidance to students over a number of issues ranging from which courses to choose from, which institutes to apply and how to cope up with peer pressure. The role is as exciting as it sounds!

  • As an Independent Consultant:

This option is for those individuals who want to have their own business setup. This includes having your own consultancy, specializing in providing education-based solutions for students, institutes, etc.

Career Counselling : Opportunities Galore

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So what are you waiting for?



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