Career Counselling – A term when divided is easy to understand, but when together, somewhat difficult. This is why understanding the importance of career counselling is the key to better career decisions.

Today, passion, as a word, is thrown around very casually and often. But is it that easy to find your passion, let alone identify it?

This is exactly what has happened for children and education today. With so many fields of study, finding what they truly wish to do, has become a task. But, this is where the importance of career guidance and counselling comes in. 

Importance of Career Counselling in the World Today

The importance of counselling for children and careers is picking up momentum in the world. 

More than 1 crore students appear for 10th or 12th-grade board exams every year. How many of them take up a career in the subjects they had chosen? 


If you think you’re among the majority, the importance of career guidance and counselling is essential to understand. 

Let’s have a look at the purpose of counselling and how it helps in making the right career decisions.

But first,

What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is a process and its primary focus is to help you understand yourself. And not only so, but it also enables you to understand your ideal career and its scope in the world. All of this is done so that you can make an informed decision about your education, and career. 

The purpose of counselling is to GUIDE

So many students are often forced to let go of their dreams due to the lack of guidance and knowledge. This is where Career Counselling plays a pivotal role in the development of the child, by helping them realise their potential and chase their dreams.

However, it is important to understand that just career counselling is not enough, it is essential to learn various career counselling skills and utilise them effectively. 

So, How Does Career Counselling Help?

The importance and relevance of career guidance and counselling are multifold. Let’s see how it helps in the overall education and career development of a student.

Offers a Focused Approach

In a sea of confusion around making career decisions, career counselling offers a focused approach. After assessing the interests, qualities, personality, and other factors, a career counsellor can offer you a focused approach on the way forward. 

This is the most important purpose of counselling. To carry your mind from a state of confusion to clarity. 

However, to offer great counselling, you need a great counsellor who knows the importance of counselling skills. If you wish to check out various career counselling courses, our Global Career Counselling Program in collaboration with the University of Los Angeles, California (Extension) is curated just for you.

Provides an Expert’s View on Careers

Like we spoke about before, the number of careers in the world are many. It may not be possible for you or your family to know everything about a career. 

This is where career counselling comes in. A career counsellor offers an expert view on different careers in the world and all its factors such as:

  • Scope
  • Colleges
  • Course
  • Country

And, the importance of career counselling doesn’t stop there. It offers all of this knowledge from your point of view, and your parents since it is not always possible to know everything.

Boosting Confidence and Offering Insights

Among the many reasons under the importance of career counselling, boosting the confidence of a counselee is at the top. By offering in-depth insights in a simple, yet effective way helps boost the confidence of children. 

When one person showcases confidence in you, the measure of self-confidence increases. Giving them knowledge about different careers and helping them understand is an automatic booster. 

However, this is also where the importance of career counselling skills come into play. The counsellor must help you overcome the hurdles by providing insight through comfort.

Adding To Your Skill-Set

The purpose of counselling is more than just clarity and guidance. It also offers unique insights into how you as a person can grow by adopting new skills. 

In recent times, upskilling is a term that has become highly common. But does that apply to the ‘office-goers’

No. It also applies to students. Not that you should sacrifice your time in excess just to upskill. But career counsellors can help you use your interests and hobbies to learn new skills. And these skills can help you in your career development as well.

Removing Career-Related Frustration

No one talks about Study-Life Balance

Importance of Career Counselling in the World Today

This is one of the key reasons to understand the importance of career counselling. With students being under a lot of stress and scrutiny from different aspects of their lives, student-life balance is rare.

Due to stress, there is frustration and that can take a toll on your health. A career counsellor can help you with clarity that can reduce any kind of career-related frustration. After knowing and understanding your career path, there wouldn’t be a place for confusion or even frustration.

To Conclude…

You saw and read about the importance of career counselling, its relevance in today’s world and how it can help you grow. 

However, as the saying goes, “There is never a bad student, just a bad teacher”. It is equally important to finding the right counsellor who knows and understands your aspirations. And, more importantly, guides you in the way you should be guided. 

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