Career Counselling is the pivotal cog in a student’s journey. A good career counsellor makes the perfect roadmap for students and based on which they can achieve their goals. The career counsellor can give the right direction to the child alongside advise the parents to take up progressive decisions. The choice of the career is based on the aptitude and interest of the child.

Process flow of how leading career counsellors conduct career counselling sessions

Building Awareness:

Great readers become great teachers and great motivators. A career counsellor is a teacher and a motivator, so building awareness about different career fields and prospects adds value to the counselling profession. The Global career counsellor Program is a new-age career counselling course that’s dynamic with all the new developments in the careers space. It incorporates a range of options ranging from traditional courses such as Engineering and Medicine to modern ones such as Film-making and Design. Career Counsellors can up their ante with this course and they will have answers to all the possible questions asked by students.

The first step towards great career counselling is to get a comprehensive view of the subjects to give perfect advice to the students. The career counsellors can set a priority order, which includes the first preferred and second preferred options along with numerous backup plans.


Once a person walks in for career counselling, as a best practice, put him/her on a psychometric assessment to dig deeper into the personality. In this way, the career counsellor knows the abilities and interests of the person. Many standard career counselling training courses offer psychometric assessment plugins that enable career counsellors to run assessments from their platform.

Once the results of the assessment are out, they give clarity to the students, and the career counsellor can offer expert guidance accordingly.

Right career choices:

The next step in career counselling is to provide ample choices to the students based on their personality assessments. The career counsellors will link the attributes of a student to the available career options to create a personalized roadmap.

Career counsellors can take one-on-one sessions to discuss various factors affecting choices in alignment with future prospects.

Planning the College Journey:

Now the dream college has been identified and different backup options are also listed. The next step is advising on the entrance examinations and advocating the need for profile building. Many national and global institutions ask for a statement of purpose and portfolio based on the course selected. This makes profile building imperative as it incorporates all the requisite attributes for a college-ready profile.

If a college emphasizes more on building a portfolio, the career counsellor should guide the student to work towards that. This is also coupled with interview guidance, SOP (statement of purpose) and LOR (letter of recommendation) review.

The hallmark of career counselling is offering a personalized student roadmap for success. The career counsellors have to achieve this by a keen understanding of the student profile over multiple interactions. The career counselling process should take an unbiased approach. That puts the students in a better position to make life-changing decisions.

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