Fantastic Four! We know that brings superheroes and superpowers to your mind. 

The job of a Career Counsellor is nothing less than a superhero. The counsellor has to slip into the shoes of a savior and save the career of a student like a superhero saves the world. There’s more. The counsellor has to mentor the student in every phase until the latter taste the success. Much like Tony Stark mentoring Peter Parker until he is ready to save the world. 

That’s all about superheroes and counsellors. But what’s the connection between Career Counselling and Fantastic Four

Here’s the surprise. Fantastic four refers to the four superpowers or tools that every career counsellor must-have. They are Personalized Counselling, Psychometric Assessments, University Guidance, and Research & Knowledge Tools. They enable counsellors students in a better way and help them in realizing their dreams.  

What are the 4 Superpowers Need to Have a Career Counsellor?

  • Personalized Counselling

The news is out. Personalized Guidance makes all the difference. 

As a career counsellor you can make the difference to the lives of your students with personalized counselling. Always try to have that personal touch with your audience. 

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach to Career Counselling, and now, the key to success lies in giving a customized approach to students. This gives them more clarity on Courses, Careers, and Colleges so that they can make informed decisions. 

Counsellors should also search for avenues to establish digital connections with their students. This makes the students more engaged and receptive to guidance. Virtual counselling also wards off student inhibitions as they connect with counsellors over chat or email. 

  • Psychometric Assessments

Counsellors should help students explore their career by identifying the latter’s aptitude, interest, and personality. They can use the online psychometric tests to dig deep into themselves and understand what career suits them the best. This acts as a fundamental point of reference for Career Counselling

The assessments work like SWOT analysis tools for students in their career exploration. The most common psychometric assessments are – Personality Type Assessment, Multiple Intelligences Test, Branch Selector Test, Learning Styles Test, Stream Selector Test, etc. 

Know More about psychometric tests

  • University Guidance

University Admissions become paramount in career guidance. Every student aspires to study in the top universities and counsellors should help them achieve their dreams through proper guidance. 

Career Counsellors should also stay abreast of the latest happenings in the Universities front. They should guide the students with the requisite information on competitive exams, standardized tests, and other university requirements. They can also take the help of software and tools available for college selection, scholarship guidance, course, and country search. This helps students gain critical insights into university admissions. 

  • Research & Knowledge Tools

Students search for a lot of guidance and admission-related information, and most of the time, they fall prey to half-cooked pieces of information. As credible information makes all the difference, career counsellors should provide them with Research tools to enable students to make the right career decisions. 

The standard research tools range from Career Deep Dive, which details 50+ career options; Course/Country-wise Fee Calculator to Admission Chances Calculator. When these tools are put to proper use, students can access precise information that helps them make career decisions. 

Career Counsellors have to use these Fantastic Four optimally to give the best guidance to their students. 



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