What is the right age to start counselling a student for making career decisions?

Although career counselling sessions can be sought at any point in a person’s life, the ideal age is 13 to 17 years. Generally, 13-14 years old students have a hard time choosing a career. This is the time they enter into real life where they need to make decisions. They start thinking about different careers i.e. what do they want to be? Following with the selection of ideal subjects, courses, and more. That’s how to take the first step on the career journey.

Hence, it is the best time to help them understand where they stand. What are their interests? What their strengths and weaknesses are? And ultimately, what career options are ideal for them.

When parents ask you what is the right age for counselling their kids, you can explain to them the below points. Go through the below content and if you find it useful, share your thought in the comment section below.

Class 8th & 9th: Discover Potential Careers

Making a career decision is one of the most important factors for a student. It decides the rest of the professional life of the person. There are various factors that affect this decision such as a person’s aptitude, interests, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and more.

What if the person is not aware of these factors?

Here comes the role of a career counsellor. Class 8th and 9th are the perfect stages when a student should think about his/her personality type, likes, dislikes, and more. You can help kids in understanding these aspects through Psychometric Tests. You can track their activities and accordingly, generate a report. Consider all the above elements and help them take the first step toward their careers.

Class 10th: Select the Ideal Stream & Subjects

Grade 10 is the time when a student appears for the board exams for the very first time. Usually, these kids feel the pressure of the board exams and don’t focus much on stream and subject selection. As a career counsellor, this is your duty to pull your attention to both elements. This is one decision that they need to make before year-end. Hence, suggest an effective way to manage the board exams and stream and subject selection.

Selecting a stream is the first step to determining a child’s future. It is the first time the child makes an important decision about his/her future. The choice of a particular stream affects not only a child’s studies for the next two years but also his or her future. Therefore, class 10th is the ideal stage to check on these aspects. 

Class 11th: Shortlist Perfect Course, College, & Career

After finalizing the streams and subjects to study, the next step is deciding upon the course, college and career. Selection of these 3Cs can be a daunting task for most students. But, despite this anxiety, the rigorous selection process can be made fun and informative if we plan it well. 

As suggested by experts, students should first select the country they want to study in. Followed by the college selection. And after finalizing these elements, they should check whether the course they want to study is available in the shortlisted colleges or not. Accordingly, they should take further decisions.

Academically and personally, your students should find an environment that allows them to thrive. Each college looks for unique students who can contribute well and make the institute stand out. The entire process created a win-win situation for both sides.

Class 12th: Get Set Go

By the time students reach class 12, they should finalize all the above-mentioned aspects. This is the time when they should read their resumes and profiles, apply to colleges, and appear for entrance exams and board exams. This planning makes the entire process cohesive and hassle-free and students don’t miss out on deadlines and miss their chances to get admitted to their dream college too.

The Right Age to Start Counselling a Student: Final Words

The right age to start counselling a student is from 13-14 years i.e. from grade 8th. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for students to begin their career guidance journey at the right time. There is equal importance to every step of this process, from research to psychometric assessment to college application. Thus, get started on your student’s career guidance journey today and help him/her in making career decisions.

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