Today, career counselling has become more emerging than just a ‘Talking Therapy’. As people have started taking their career choices seriously, they seek professionals who could help them in selecting the right career path.

The scope of career counselling is ever-increasing and the industry is booming already. It offers a bunch of opportunities for enthusiasts who love to help students in making career choices. 

Being in the education industry for years and dealing with lakh of students, Univariety has come up with a bunch of Summer Programs to help your students to be productive and utilize their summer break effectively.

Earning Opportunities

Most career counsellors across the globe believe that the only difference between students from India and the West is Experiential Learning done during summer breaks.

1 in 3 school students in the US attends such “Planned Summer Programs”.

These programs help you transform your students’ lives and build an impressive college-ready profile for them. You could help them and earn at the same time by utilizing the Summers.

Earning Opportunities for career counsellors

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Let’s explore earning opportunities for career counsellors and go through Univariety’s Summer Programs:

Profile Building Programs

With constantly increasing competition and every student scoring above 90%+ in their academics, colleges have raised their admission standards. They look for applicants who go beyond academics to demonstrate their interests in the course they apply for.

Earning Opportunities

When students apply for a particular course, only a piece of paper including their academic and non-academic achievements represent their entire profile. Therefore, they need to add an impact on their profiles to showcase their accomplishments.

You could build a stronger profile for your students with the help of Univariety’s Profile Building Program. It is a 50-day comprehensive process that helps your students to secure admissions to top universities worldwide. The program assists in identifying an ideal college for your students and creating a personalized roadmap. 

Profile Building Program includes the following processes:

  1. Ideal Career Test
  2. Virtual Internship Program
  3. Select a Suitable Course, Country, College
  4. A Personalized Roadmap for Every Student
  5. Extended Counselling Services
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Corporate Internships and University Summer Programs

In this competitive world what students could do to get admission to their dream university or college?


Internships are a great way of experiential learning.

You could ask your students to utilize Summertime to do virtual internships. These internships help them gaining corporate knowledge and great earning opportunities for career counsellors like you. Students should go for Univariety’s Corporate Internships and University Summer Programs

Corporate Internships: To explorer overall career opportunities and a deep dive into one. 

  • It includes 18 internship programs; Students could choose any 10.
  • Trained by a top sports brand as a 21st-century marketer.
  • Master end-to-end marketing, branding, researching skills.

University Summer Programs: This program helps students getting associated with top universities and learning from experts:

  • Trained from top global universities like Ashoka, Oxford Royale, OP Jindal.
  • Experience what it takes to be in a corporate setup.
  • Meet People Around the globe and learn from them.
  • Gain confidence and master leadership skills.

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Test Prep and College Admission Guidance

College admission processes have evolved drastically. One wrong move and your student’s dream college slip away. They need end-to-end guidance on college admissions including the preparation for SAT/ACT.

Test Prep and College Admission Guidance

Summers are long and students generally get a break of at least one month i.e. 30 days i.e. 720 hours. You students need to take out 30-40 hours in this entire period to get into their dream college.

Test Prep and College Admission Guidance Program helps students in preparing for college entrance exams and representing the best version of themselves.

What to expect from this program:

  • End to end guidance on college admissions in India or abroad.
  • Assistance on selecting ideal college, application requirements and scholarships.
  • SAT/ ACT preparation guidance by top experts
  • Benefits from alumni guidance and interaction sessions.

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Life Skills and Personality Development Programs

College admissions are like battles. Scoring good marks is winning only half of the battle, the rest could be won by developing soft skills. It includes communication skills, leadership skills, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. 

With Life Skills and Personality Development Programs, you could assist your students in personality development and improving their real-life skills with Univariety’s summer programs. Make your students walk out of this summer with a major boost in confidence. 

Two major categories of this program are:

  1. Public Speaking Masterclass (ChatterBox).
  2. Junior MBA – CEO program (Clever Harvey)

Life Skills and Personality Development Programs

See what benefits your students will get with this program:

  • Master the art of public speaking.
  • Build confidence by interacting with people virtually.
  • Supplement your academic excellence to a significant degree.

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There are over 100+ programs offered worldwide that one could take up during the summer. Univariety has categorized them into 4 tracks for a Summer of Clarity and an as the earning opportunities for career counsellors.

These are 4 Summer Programs that you could suggest to your students to build a college-ready profile. Help them utilizing the Summer break and establishing a strong profile to get into their dream college. 

If you love guiding students in taking up the right career path or want to improve your career counselling skills, Become a trained Global Career Counsellor.

It is an industry-ready program offered by Univariety in Collaboration with UCLA Extension. The program helped 6,723 individuals to kick start their journey as a career counsellor, 5,720 to polish their skills, and 678 to set up their own business.

If you are one of these passionate individuals and want to know more about the program,

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