Let’s take a walk down the memory lane.

Remember the first time you learned to ride a bicycle? Or the first time you cooked something by yourself? Well, it obviously wasn’t easy, especially when there was nobody to guide you. Now, imagine if there was someone who had guided you or told you how do cook or ride a bicycle? It’d be much easier, right?

Similarly, while growing up students go through so much confusion when it comes to which career path to choose. Not only do they have trouble with their careers and streams but they also go through an emotional and physical rollercoaster ride. There are different opinions that every individual has, hence each person is unique with their own set of interests, capabilities, pros, and cons. Money is not what defines a successful man, it is also about one’s skills and talent, ability, and passion.

This is where career counselling comes into the picture.

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is the process of understanding and assessing another individual’s concern, strengths, interests, and capabilities, in order to guide them towards the right career path. The process guides a candidate in understanding and pursuing the right career options as per their interests. All of us require career guidance at some point in our life. It helps us get insights about ourselves, our career and what we can do to improve it.

Why Do I Need Career Counselling?

Here are a few reasons that state that ‘we need career counselling’:

  • Shows the right career path – Career counselling helps in choosing the right career path that is the most suitable according to an individual’s characteristics.
  • Insight about ourselves – We discover ourselves after going through the process of counseling. We find our strengths and weaknesses and how we can work on them.
  • Boosts confidence – Proper evaluation and guidance can make a candidate sure about his/her choices. It reduces the stress regarding future and other pressure points.
  • Access to expert knowledge – A good career counsellor gives you access to all the information you need to make the right decisions and gives you the result based on the results and expert knowledge.

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How is it done?

Psychometric Testing (Career Assessment) is a scientific and standardized process carried out to evaluate a person’s attitude and personality. Psychometric assessments are a Career Counsellor’s tool, which is used to obtain the most important information about a student’s behaviour, emotional strength, interests, and skills. This information helps to facilitate what kind of careers would be suitable for a candidate.

Who does it?

An ideal career counselor holds a master’s degree and has expertise in career development theory, counselling techniques, administration and interpretation of assessments, and career information resources. But with the increasing demand for career counsellor’s in India, anyone with a passion to guide someone can become a career counsellor. All one needs to be is a graduate, a master is much preferred. If not a master, one can definitely take up counselling program from reputed institutes, practice under renowned counsellors and become a career counsellor. 

Research study

Of some historical interest in this respect is a series of studies, mainly conducted in the 1920s and 1930s. It examines the effectiveness of so-called scientific guidance based on the use of psychometric tests. These studies demonstrated that those who entered jobs in line with the recommendations based on such guidance were more satisfied with and more stable in their jobs than those in jobs differing from the recommendation. They also showed that in controlled trials, the effect of the guidance was to raise the perceived suitability of their jobs and to reduce job turnover (for a review of these studies, see Watts and Kidd, 1978).

Meanwhile in other countries 

Recent experience in countries such as Denmark and Finland show that awareness of the importance of career guidance tends to increase as countries make pathways through education – in particular, through post-compulsory education – more flexible and more individualized.

Career counselling in India?

Career Counselling in India is yet to become the most important profession before choosing a career. But due to technology and the internet, awareness regarding career counselling has increased for sure. Online career counselling is definitely a convenient way to get counselling done at the comfort of your house.

Introduction to the Global Career Counsellor Program

The Global Career Counsellor Program is an online course in collaboration with UCLA Extension and Univariety. The program brings together learning from International and Indian Experts in the field of Career Counselling. One does not need to have done various psychology course. Wonder why? The Global Career Counselling Course is an online program that covers all aspects of:

  • Education Psychology
  • Career Planning
  • Career Development
  • School Counselling

and more…

Therefore, the Global Career Counselling Program is recommended by 6500+ career counsellors across India.

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    Aman Nigam Reply

    Hi Sukriti,
    Very good article.
    One of the important questions in a student’s life after school or college is what to do next. There are times when students get confused about which career to choose and which not to. To make this doubt clear, the best option for the students is career counseling.
    Thanks for sharing. keep up the good work.

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      Sukriti Sen Reply

      Hi Aman, thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it. If you liked this one, you must also look at some of my latest blogs. Do take a read and let me know in the comments. 🙂

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    career guidance in pune Reply

    hi Sukriti,
    Thanks for sharing the article. Career counseling plays the important role in everyone life. Career counseling helps to understand the right career path for students to archive right goal in there career.

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      Sukriti Sen Reply

      Hello! Thank you, really appreciate your comment. Your user name makes me believe that you are a Career Counsellor or a company that guides students. I have created some new articles, do take a look at them and let me know in the comments. Hoping that you’ll like them.

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    Career Test Reply

    Very informative article. Career Counselling plays a huge role in student’s life. Thanks for writing about it. I really appreciate it.

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    Career Cousellers Reply

    Career Counselling is important for each and every student which helps them to guide for deciding their future and thank you for sharing by this blog.

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    Thank you for sharing such a good information about Career Counselling how it will be good for your bright career. Career counselling is the process of understanding and assessing another individual’s concern, strengths, interests, and capabilities, in order to guide them towards the right career path.
    Thanks for sharing. keep up the good work

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      Sukriti Sen Reply

      Hi Krescon, thank you for your appreciation in the comments. Knowledge is best effective when shared. Feel free to pass it on in your network too. 🙂

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    Very informative article and we do have a major obstacles that parents need to understand the importance of this assessments, how it is so benefitted for kids and freshers….this not showing the drawback but showing the possible paths where they can do best.
    We also do this career planning but parents don’t encourage kids to attend this assessments, where parents are happy to spend thousands for dinner but they will hesitate to spend for kids assessments 5k.
    It’s hurting but fact sorry to say that….

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      Sukriti Sen Reply

      Hello Priyanka,

      Thanks for dropping a comment and sharing your thoughts with us. We completely understand the obstacles and issues faced by career counsellors in India. There’s so much that parents and students need to know today. In our 10 years of research, we think that the mindset of parents and schools is changing with the advancements in technology and resources in the education industry. Hence, to cater to career counsellors needs in alignment with the market, we have created the Global Career Counsellor program by Univariety in collaboration with UCLA Extension. Well, it is Asia’s first comprehensive online career counsellor training program. You can learn more about this program here: https://globalcareercounsellor.com/

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    Open Naukri Reply

    Thanks for writing this post it’s really very informative

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    Hi Sukriti,
    I have read the article and it has given me a clear understanding of career counselling. As a tertiary student, I am doing research on the topic How can career counselling support high school students? And this article has helped me to understand the importance of career counselling and why there is a need for students to take part in career counselling. I would like to acknowledge you for your tremendous work.

    Thank you.

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