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Program Overview

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Orientation Session

Orientation Session

In this session our internal Career Counsellor welcomes the batch and prepares them to have a clear vision and understanding of the program. Information about the login access, course of study, timelines, reading material, tests, case studies and much more is shared during this session.


Counsellor Training Modules and Assessments

After the orientation session, individuals are given access to these modules spread across 25 Hours.

Overview of Career Counseling in India, Scope and Why Guidance is important

Module 1

A sneak peek into what the Global Career Counsellor program is all about and a deep dive into the various world curricula like IB, Cambridge, CBSE, ICSE etc. are detailed in the first module. It encompasses the assessment patterns, subjects offered and future prospects of all the popular national and international curricula.

Introduction to courses in Social Sciences and Humanities

Module 2

This module takes an in-depth look at the various careers that students can take up with humanities stream and what are some of the top professions and colleges that students can consider. It also gives a good glimpse into the various emerging courses that are gaining popularity.

Introduction to Arts

Module 3

Art & Design is a broad field with a wide array of disciplines and careers. This module will dive into the various career options available along with the entry criteria, admission procedure, tuition details and top colleges for degrees and professional courses in Fashion, Graphic & Industrial Design.

Introduction to Commerce Courses

Module 4

The commerce stream is brimming with career opportunities that scale huge pay cheques. This module will dive into the various career options available along with the entry criteria, admission procedure, tuition details and top colleges for business degrees, along with information about professional courses like CA, ACCA and CS.

Introduction to STEM & Non-STEM Courses

Module 5

While Science, Technology, Engineering, Management (STEM) and Non-STEM courses are largely American concepts, this module aims to understand the concept in an Indian context. Various courses like medicine, paramedical, mathematics, B.Sc. degrees, engineering branches etc. are clubbed under this umbrella

Introduction to Careers in Armed Forces

Module 6

A career in the Indian Armed Forces is completely different from the rest of the other career options. It is not simply a job but a service to the Nation and to mankind also. Since careers in armed forces can only be taken by the citizens of the country, this module only talks about India. It covers careers and courses for the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. Whether an officer, soldier, a technical assistant, a clerk, tradesman or a cartographer in the Indian Armed Forces, most people join because of patriotism and believe in the idea of love and serving the Nation.

Studying in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore & Germany

Module 7

The admission procedures, tests required and the process flow is very different when it comes to colleges abroad. This module aims to delve into each country's admission procedures and offers tips and tricks to follow for increased admission chances.

Introduction to Visa Processes

Module 8

This module dives into the Visa Processes for admissions in India, Canada, USA, UK, Australia and many other countries.

Exploring Counselling Support Tools

Module 9

Questions like how to become a career counsellor and the theories of career counselling are covered in this module. Individuals will also explore the counselling tools on Univariety portal along with the use of psychometric tests and how to analyse the report to guide students. This module also talks about the possibilities of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a counselling practice from scratch.

Live Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

This session provides lessons on counselling skills and parent interactions for future counsellors. The session focuses on delivering best-practices for counsellors while counselling and interacting with parents and students.


College Planning
Modules and Assessments

Spread across 15 Hours of learning, these modules are designed to enhance an individual's conceptual knowledge and provide practical exposure.

College Counselling Techniques & Best Practices

Module 10
  • Introduction to career & college counselling

  • Various techniques used by top counsellors

  • Case Study #1: How to match students with relevant colleges through research

  • Case Study #2: Which students are the right fit for a technical college and which are the right fit for a liberal arts college?

  • Recap Quiz

Managing Student Parent Expectations

Module 11
  • Understanding the stated & unstated expectations of a student

  • Understanding the expectations of a parent and getting them to think holistically

  • Case Study #1: Student is having trouble verbalizing why he wants to study engineering other than because his parents want him to.

  • Case Study #2: A family applied to all top colleges without knowledge of the counsellor, now wants the help of the counsellor to create a backup plan. Importance of creating a backup plan from the start.

  • Recap Quiz

Challenges in College Counselling

Module 12
  • Types of challenges and how to overcome them

  • Need to understand seriousness of student towards a goal by looking at past actions & accomplishments

  • Case Study #1: Counsellor gave student college admissions advice which contradicts the parents' advice

  • Case Study #2: Parents want students to apply only to top colleges anywhere in the world even though students are underqualified to get into any of them.

  • Recap quiz

Creating Effective Counselling Sessions

Module 13
  • Making a counselling session interactive rather than just one-way communication

  • What measures indicate that a counselling session has been effective

  • Case Study #1: Student can't decide between a specialized small college vs. a large traditional university to apply to

  • Case Study #2: Student wants to leave India for college, but his parents want him to stay close to home and attend local university

  • Recap Quiz

Counselling 9th & 10th graders

Module 14
  • How do you drive seriousness towards career & college preparation

  • Counselling students that are undecided about most things

  • Case Study #1: Helping a 9th grader choose the right subjects to make his profile appealing when he applies to college

  • Case Study #2: Helping a 10th grader pick the best extracurricular activity in which to participate, on the basis of activities that are truly valued by top universities

  • Recap Quiz

Counselling 11th & 12th graders on How to Find their College Major

Module 15
  • Differentiating between a hobby or interest and a career option

  • How can a student create an initial hypothesis of what he wants to do and then test it

  • Case Study #1: Jack wants to study acting, but his parents want him to study science

  • Case Study #2: Helping a senior choose between two universities in different locations with different types of majors

  • Recap Quiz

Factors for Students to Consider when Deciding Where to Apply to College

Module 16
  • Rank, campus quality, faculty, location, job placement records, cost, scholarships etc.

  • How to balance out rank of college vs. interest in the course being offered

  • Case Study #1: Best questions to ask 10th & 11th graders who are beginning the college search process

  • Case Study #2: Best ways to research colleges using technology & search tools

  • Recap Quiz

Factors for Students to Consider when Deciding Where to Attend College

Module 17
  • Which factors finally matter once you have a few options in front of you

  • Innovative ways of researching the colleges before deciding

  • Case Study #1: Best practices for advising a student on picking a college to attend

  • Case Study #2: Student asks counsellor for help in picking between two colleges to attend

  • Recap Quiz

Psychometric Tests & Assessments like MBTI, Multiple Intelligence (MI), etc.

Module 18
  • Theory behind psychometric tests, where they work and where they don't

  • Different types of test methodologies with a drill-down into MBTI & MI

  • Case Study #1: How do you interpret the results from both types of psychometric tests

  • Case Study #2: Dealing with a situation where the test result is grossly different from what the student / parent wants to do

Comprehensive modules by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects.

Real Life Case Studies

5 Real-Life Case Studies

This kind of learning gives access to 5 types of student-counsellor calls and helps the candidate in understanding how to solve real-world problems. Case Study based learning boosts certain skills like observation, analytical thinking, solution providing, and much more. This activity prepares individuals to move smoothly to upcoming counselling modules.


Access to Psychometric Assessments

Upon completion of all 18 modules, one gets access to samples of 8 types of Psychometric Assessments which Univariety uses to counsel students. These assessments help counsellors in analyzing and measuring the outcomes to guide students towards the right career path. Counsellors can purchase these tests from Univariety at a nominal cost to help their clients.

Live Career Counselling Workshops


The Global Career Counsellor program in India is praised for conducting world-class workshops and events (physical and online). Upon completion of the stages mentioned above, an individual is invited to an online/offline workshop to meet, network, experience the industry. Exposure to the latest guidance programs and products. Sessions by industry experts on various counselling and education trends.


Choose from

The Global Career Counsellor program offers concentrated specializations for individuals who want to add it to their skillset or services. Choosing a specialization is optional.

Choose From Specializations
Overseas Admission

Career planning and college admissions are critical points in a student's journey. This specialization is focused on helping counsellors understand the core areas of overseas admissions directly from industry leaders.

  • Hands-on experience on LORs and SOPs
  • Information about Visa Processing
  • Guidance on College Selection and Application
Duration: 4.5 hours
Profile Building Beyond Academics
Student Profile Building Beyond Academics

Top universities look for a holistic student profile before granting admission. This specialization helps counsellors understand the various aspects of admissions to leading universities with regards to:

  • Building a strong profile for students
  • How to create a personalized roadmap for admissions abroad
  • Steps to follow to secure scholarships
Duration: 4 hours

Convocation Ceremony

We celebrate your moment of accomplishment together! Once the entire course modules, assessments, case studies are completed, individuals are invited to a graduation ceremony. Upon completing the program candidates receive a record of participation from UCLA Extension and Green Belt Certification from Univariety. The convocation is conducted batch-wise and is organized by Univariety and the Global Career Counsellor Program. The event comprises speeches by industry leaders and alumni of the course, followed by certificate distribution.

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Learn from the experts in the Career Counselling field

Sangeetha George
Sangeetha George Associate Vice President, Univariety

Over 18 years of experience in the student counselling, Sangeetha has worked in various organizations across the globe. She is an alumna of Trinity Western University, Canada with a Masters in Counselling. She served as the Head of Department - Career Counselling at Kodaikanal International School, which is India’s first IB school. Sangeetha has conducted more than 500 workshops and seminars in education and counselling. She’s an expert in counselling students & parents.

Jennifer Mandel - Review
Jennifer Mandel Program Director- College Counseling, UCLA Extension

For the last 17 years, Jennifer has guided hundreds of students through the college admission process. She has placed students at over 500 colleges and universities both in the US and abroad. Jennifer was awarded the Distinguished Instructor of the Year in Education award at UC Irvine (2017) and UCLA (2018). Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine, and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Program Contributors
  • Stefanie Leong - Review
    Stefanie Leong

    Head of Development and Recognition, Asia Pacific at the IBO (Curriculum Expert – International Baccalaureate)

  • Ashok Pandey - Review
    Ashok Pandey

    Principal, Ahlcon International School, Delhi (Curriculum Expert – CBSE & ICSE)

  • Sucheeta - Review
    Sucheeta Sahu

    Asst Manager, Guidance & Solutions - Univariety

  • Manmeet - Review
    Manmeet Kaur

    Manager, Guidance & Solutions - Univariety

Job Support

Resume Writing
Resume Writing

A good resume sets the first impression for any job interview. The Global Career Counsellor program extends support to candidates who need assistance in creating their own resume as per industry standards.

Placement Assestance
Placement Assistance

Every Global Career Counsellor receives job alerts related to the industry as per vacancies and expectations. The team also provides utmost guidance and support to candidates during their job-application process.


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