The Ultimate Guide to the Global Career Counsellor Certification Course

With the second edition to our Webinar Series, here’s everything you need to know about Career Counselling.

The beauty of online courses is the ease with which you can enhance your skills. You could be a teacher in Ludhiana, a career counsellor from Chennai or just about anyone ambitious from Pune, Amritsar or some other corner of the country. Right technology and curriculum can help you climb up the ladder in your career.

That’s where the Global Career Counsellor (GCC) program comes in.

The all-encompassing course covers the A-Z of career counselling. Right from the most effective counselling techniques to the best practices in the industry. The course also enlightens about the trends that are currently shaping the field.

The curriculum comprises of 15+ modules that build your conceptual knowledge on a variety of subjects with practical learning. The Modules are divided to focus on two aspects – Technical Skills and Counselling Skills. The former will take you through the introduction of GCC and K-12 education systems around the world, major STEM and Non-STEM courses, Studying Abroad and much more. The latter will take you through aspects such as career counselling techniques, best practices, psychometric tests and assessments, counselling students on how to guide them in choosing their college majors, and so on.

Watch this webinar by Mr. Tarun Sharma, National Head – Global Career Counsellor speak in detail about ‘The Ultimate Guide to the Global Career Counsellor Certification Course’.


These elements will allow you to apply the conceptual knowledge in real-life scenarios.



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