Steps to the Global Career Counsellor Certification Course

The Global Career Counsellor Certification Course a unique, all-in-one guide that takes you through everything you need to know about career counselling.

The collaboration of Univariety with University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension has given rise to this comprehensive program that allows you to explore and excel in the world of career counselling. Consequently, you will be exposed to a cross-section of knowledge that you can explore at your own pace.

By garnering deep insights and avid knowledge about core concepts, a GCC-certified counsellor can provide students with adequate guidance to align their interests with their career choices.

The most satisfying part about being a certified career counsellor is having the ability to guide students towards success. At the end of the GCC program, you will be absolutely prepared to design a roadmap for students that will help their journey towards well-defined goals. By syncing their personality, aptitude, and passion with their career path, you can help align a student’s interests with their college and course choices.

Let’s walk through the journey: Steps to the GCC Certification Course

  • First Step: Once you enroll for the GCC Certification Course, our expert advisor will get in touch with you to brief you in detail about the course, modules and how can you use it at your convenient time. You will then be provided with the user login details, through which you can access the entire course.

  • Second Step: The course is a 40+ hour online course with a maximum time duration to complete within 6 months of your enrollment. An average candidate’s time of completion is 2-3 months if they spend one hour a day on the course. You can access the GCC course by logging in from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tab from any suitable location.

  • Third Step: The GCC course consists of 15+ modules which is divided into 2 categories, 6+ modules designed by Univariety and 9+ modules designed by the UCLA Extension. The GCC course explains about the Indian education system, study overseas, and admission process in India, US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries. The course also covers in detail about various career options based on a student’s choice and interest, deep dive into various courses in Arts, Humanities and commerce, STEM & Non-STEM courses. The course also explains about behavioral counseling and procedures involved.

  • Fourth Step: Upon completing the first 6 modules by Univariety, you will have to notify the support team in order to gain access for the next 9 modules. The expected score to qualify for the 6 modules is 65% in 3 attempts. The 15th day of every month an email is sent out to candidates who have successfully completed the first 6 modules. In order to access the next step, a candidate must respond to the email within 24-48 hours, post which the access to remaining 9 modules is granted within 10-15 days. You expected to score 100% with unlimited attempts to complete the 9 modules successfully.

  • Fifth Step: The GCC course comes with multiple advantages, one being the dual certification that is recognized globally. After completing the course, a candidate receives two certificates, one as a Global Certified Career Counsellor from the University of California Los Angeles Extension and the other being the Green Belt Certified Career Counsellor from Univariety.    


The curriculum is well thought out and even integrates pathways for practical learning. It includes features like weekly expert sessions conducted by professors from around the world, access to live questions asked by students along with their answers from counsellors, and timely updates on what’s happening in the field of education. These elements will allow you to apply the conceptual knowledge in real-life scenarios.


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