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With too many career options comes too much confusion. Earlier, there were only a few career opportunities available for students studying in different streams. However, the present scenario is different. Today, there are multiple career options available irrespective of the streams, courses, and subjects. In such situations, students and parents look for professionals who can help them in making informed career decisions.

Professionals who help individuals and take them from confusion to clarity are known as career counsellors.

Career counsellors are trained and skilled professionals who assist individuals and suggest a suitable career path. They make them understand their strengths, weaknesses, interests and abilities and accordingly create the career journey. In the process of career counselling, these professionals use several tools & assessments to understand the student’s and their parents’ requirements and get them on the right path accordingly.


Become a Trained Career Counsellor in Chandigarh

The field of career counselling has become an important part of K-12 education. Schools also look for trained career counsellors who can guide their students and help them in making career decisions. A career counsellor adds value to the school and gives students wings to explore, learn, and understand various aspects while deciding upon their career paths. Along with schools, these professionals can work independently, with a firm or even start their career counselling venture.

Now, the question arises, who all can become career counsellors?

The answer is anybody. Becoming a career counsellor is not a difficult task. It just requires the right skill set and willingness to guide students toward a suitable career path. The educational or professional background doesn’t matter at all. However, it adds value to the profile as well. People who can become career counsellors:

Any Graduates


Teachers/ Educators


Corporate Professionals


Retired Professionals

With the zeal to help students find the right career path, anybody can become a trained career counsellor irrespective of their educational and professional background. Read further to know more about who can become a career counsellor.


After understanding who can pursue a career in career counselling, it’s important to know how to pursue a career in the career counselling field.


How to Pursue a Career in Career Counselling?

Right Knowledge: It’s important to be updated with the knowledge in the field of career counselling. These latest events help students to know more about what’s happening in various fields and what fields they are interested in.

Updated With Industry Insights: Career counsellors are also required to be aware of the latest information related to the education industry. They must know the latest techniques and methods to guide students to find the right career direction. The profession of career counselling calls a lot of research and assessment.

Unbiased Approach: To help students efficiently, career counsellors need to be unbiased. An unbiased approach means that there should not be any differentiation among the clients based on their age, status, etc. Drawing a line between personal and professional life helps a lot in giving the right advice.

Confidentiality of Clients: Like doctors pledge about the unbiased serving of their patients, confidentiality is an oath/pledge for career counsellors. The client information should always be confidential and private. Maintaining their privacy and confidentiality is vital.


Looking for a Career Counselling Course in Chandigarh?

Career counselling is a noble profession and requires effort and knowledge to be successful. People who want to make their careers in this field require rigorous training. In this journey of being a trained and professional career counsellor, the Global Career Counsellor Program is with you. This career counselling program in Chandigarh is offered by two powerhouses, Univariety in collaboration with the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension. This career counselling course provides comprehensive training required through 18 vast modules - 9 by Univariety and 9 by the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension.

The Global Career Counsellor Program equips candidates with the latest trends, techniques, and best practices of career counselling. On top of it, the program is recognized in India as well as overseas. This gives an edge to the profiles of the candidates.

Besides the basic training, candidates also require some personal qualities like patience, empathy, interpersonal skills, excellent communication, listening skills, and most importantly, the passion & zeal to guide students. To make a successful career in the career counselling field, take the required steps and develop the right skills with the Global Career Counsellor Program.


The Global Career Counsellor Program

Career counsellors are in great demand today as they help students and parents cope with the changing times. The Global Career Counsellor program is India’s first industry-ready career counselling course in Chandigarh that provides the necessary knowledge and skills to individuals. The program enables candidates to enter the education industry as aware and skilled professionals.

  • Vast Counsellor Training Modules & Assessments
  • LIVE Interactive Learning
  • Deep-Dive into Colleges, Careers, Courses, etc
  • Advanced Counselling Skills
  • Real-Life Case Studies
  • Webinars & Workshops
  • International Recognition

On top of it, candidates get direct entry to the Inner Circle - India’s Largest Network of Career Counsellors. After completing the course, candidates will be given the Green Belt Certification by Univariety and a Record of Participation by UCLA.

The Inner Circle is a Facebook community for the trained alumni of the Global Career Counsellor Program in Chandigarh. The community was established to help future creators to connect with others, learn from, and grow together as professionals. The Inner Circle is a proud community of over 1.8K members. Professional career advisors can complete this exclusive career counselling course in Chandigarh and join the community.


Pooja Dhiman

Pooja Dhiman

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Dr Neeru Attri

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Monica Sachdeva

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