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Making career decisions is one of the most important and confusing steps for a student. Nowadays students and parents are realising the importance of making informed decisions. Therefore, they look for trained professionals who can guide them toward the right career path. The trained professionals who help in guiding and supporting this journey are known as career counsellors/ career coaches/ career guides.

Career counsellors assist students in reaching their career goals, regardless of their age, education, or experience level. Following their aptitude and preferences, they recommend the best career options for them. They advise students and job candidates about the career option best suited for them with their domain knowledge, skills and technology.


Become a Trained Career Counsellor in Delhi

It is an urban myth that people with a Psychology background only can become career counsellors. A Psychology degree or practice indeed helps in taking up the role of a successful career counsellor. However, the degree or practice is not mandatory to make a career in the career counselling field. Anyone with good knowledge of careers, courses, the college application process, etc with 21-century skills, and technology can become a successful career counsellor.

Teachers/ Educators

Teachers can easily take up the role of career counsellors as an additional advantage. They already have a network and clientele base. What they need to do is take a step further and get professional training. This is how, teachers can gain credibility, diversify their careers in the education industry, and strengthen their resumes too.


Psychologists interact with people across age groups and educational/professional backgrounds. Career counselling could be a feather in the cap for psychologists. This could enhance the clientele and boost the income too.


The career counselling profession gives a full-time job opportunity and part-time, work-from-home job options too. It helps in maintaining the work-life balance. If homemakers are interested in guiding students, this profession is the best-suited one.

Corporate Professionals

Corporate professionals can also join this ever-green and satisfying career of career counselling. They can strengthen their profiles with this career counselling course in Delhi and earn a good reputation with the experience, and gain credibility too.

Retired Professionals

The education industry is one of the most flexible fields for people who are interested in starting their career’s second inning. They can do this career counselling course in Delhi, upskill themselves, and start guiding students.

College Students

Career counselling is not only for professionals. For those who want to start their career journeys, it is a welcoming profession. They can give their career an extra wing to fly by upskilling themselves with this career counselling course in Delhi and have a pumped-up career start.


Yes, of course! Making a career in the career counselling field is possible for everybody. The list can be seen here

  • Be a trained career counsellor
  • Expand your services and upgrade your profile
  • Strengthen your resume with global recognition
  • Professional development with advanced techniques


How to Pursue a Career in Career Counselling?

To become a trained career counsellor, one needs to have the passion, zeal and willingness to help students make the right career decisions. The two major factors to becoming a successful career counsellor are - Right Skills and Relevant Experience.

With time, professionals get experience and eventually turn into expert professionals. However, as far as the skills are concerned, those can be developed with the Global Career Counsellor Program, a reputed and trusted career counselling course in Delhi. The program helps individuals develop advanced and 21st-century skills to help students more effectively. Candidates can enrol for this online course, upskill themselves, and earn international recognition.

There are three major steps to becoming a career counsellor in Delhi:

  • Complete the undergraduate degree
  • Do extensive research
  • Upskill with the renowned training course in Delhi


Looking for a Career Counselling Course in Delhi?

Do you like guiding students toward the right career path? Are you looking for a counselling course in Delhi? Here’s your chance to upskill yourself and take your career to the next level. Not only you will be able to help students find a suitable careers but also build your own brand.

The Global Career Counsellor Program is India's leading career counselling program offered by Univariety in collaboration with UCLA Extension. The program empowers individuals with a flexible, comprehensive learning experience, a vast curriculum with real-life case studies, live interactive learning, recorded sessions, and more.

The Global Career Counsellor Program curriculum is divided into 18 modules - 9 modules by Univariety and 9 modules by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension. People who want to become career counsellors in Delhi, can easily go for the program and start the course at their pace.

After completing Univariety’s 9 modules, individuals will get direct entry to the Inner Circle - India’s Largest Network of Career Counsellors. Post completion of the course, candidates will be rewarded with the Green Belt Certification by Univariety and a Record of Participation by UCLA.

The Inner Circle is a Facebook community for esteemed Global Career Counsellors alumni. The purpose of starting this community was to help these future makers to connect, learn, and grow. We started the community with a hundred professionals from varied backgrounds to foster an atmosphere of continuous learning, collaboration and support. But now, we are a proud community of more than 1.8K members. Career counsellors can complete this exclusive career counselling course in Delhi and join the community to learn, engage, and earn too.


The Global Career Counsellor Program

The Global Career Counsellor Program is a unique all-in-one guide that helps in knowing everything about career guidance. This career counselling course in Delhi guides individuals through the entire A to Z of career counselling including the process, information about careers, courses, streams, and also the professional implications.

  • Become a trained counsellor with a superior qualification
  • Edge to your profile
  • Strengthen your CV with global recognition
  • Professional development to help you scale up your career
  • Get the required skill sets to set you apart
  • Know everything about various careers, application processes, course structures, etc
  • Fast-track your career
  • Gain credibility and recognition by offering your expertise to others
  • Start your own career guidance setup


Meetu Kaul

Meetu Kaul

Founder, Vyas Consulting, Delhi

Alpi Jain

Alpi Jain

Trained Global Career Counsellor, Delhi

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Dr. Malika Nanda

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