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We are all aware that making the right career choice is a crucial step in a student’s life. But, the plethora of information available over the internet gets overwhelming at times. It might lead to making wrong career decisions. There comes a career counsellor to rescue.

Career counsellors are trained professionals who are responsible to assist students in finding the right career path. They act as a guiding angel for the parents as well as the students by giving them clarity towards their perspectives. With one-on-one counselling sessions and the application of various scientifically approved tests, they tend to measure and analyze the aptitude, intelligence, and weaknesses of the students. They help students by analyzing their abilities, interests and future aspirations.

Therefore, a career counsellor plays a major role in helping the students make informed decisions with ease regarding their education, career, and life.


Become a Trained Career Counsellor in Hyderabad

Individuals passionate about guiding students and with utmost dedication can easily become career counsellors.

Helping students without being biased is the best-suited candidate to become a career counsellor. Now comes a question: who can become a career counsellor? What background is important? Does professional background matter?

The answer is to become a counsellor, people can be from any background with ample knowledge and experience. The under-mentioned individuals can become renowned career counsellors.

Teachers/ Educators

They have the advantage of understanding students better and already have a client base. Moreover, students already have a comfort zone with them which eases the process of career counselling.


Restarting a career as a counsellor is an advantage for housewives. As the profession gives the flexibility of pursuing it as a full-time, part-time job, or they can work-from-home as well. This allows them to maintain their work-life balance.

Retired Professionals

People wanting to give their careers a second chance, without a doubt can pursue the course. They can become independent in their careers once again without troubling anyone.


Being a psychologist gives people an edge as they have a better understanding of people’s mindsets across age groups and educational/professional backgrounds.

Corporate Professionals

To make a career in an ever-green field, corporate professionals can opt for a career counselling course. These professionals can gain credibility in this field with the help of their experiences.

College Students

We want to burst the bubble that career counselling is just for professionals. College students who would want to add an extra element to their careers can opt for this profession.


Without a doubt, we are all aware that Hyderabad is a fast-growing city and offers ample opportunities to help people grow professionally. Thus, it provides extraordinary chances to become a career counsellor, which is a flourishing industry. Opting for a career counselling course helps in enhancing the skill-set. To become a successful career counsellor, candidates can go for the career counselling course in Hyderabad.


How to Pursue a Career in Career Counselling?

With the advancement in the education sector and technology, choosing the appropriate career option has become a bit confusing. A career counsellor is aware of the fact that it is an ever-growing industry as the importance of education is increasing with each passing day. Therefore, this has led career counselling to be one of the most rapidly growing industries.

A training course helps in attaining expertise in the field of career counselling. The course further enhances the skill-sets and understanding of the modern generation.


Looking for a Career Counselling Course in Hyderabad?

People interested in becoming a career counsellor and searching for a course, their search ends right here!

The Global Career Counselling Program is the career counselling program in Hyderabad that is worthy of all your time and money. The course is one of India’s leading career counselling programs offered by Univariety in collaboration with the University of Califonia Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension, which is an 18-module course. This is an international course that provides exposure and empowers people with a comprehensive learning experience and a vast but on-point curriculum.

The additional benefits of the course that makes it even further fascinating are the presence of an interactive learning experience through live sessions and access to the recorded sessions for later usage.

Wait! Do you think is this done? No, the course further inherits a few more incredible advantages that make it unique and reliable.

After completing 9 modules, the candidate is provided with exclusive access to the Inner Circle, a Facebook community for the Global Career Counsellor alumni. This community is India’s largest network for career counsellors. After completing the program, people can join the community to interact, learn and grow further in their careers. Furthermore, on the completion of the course, the candidate is rewarded with a Green Belt Certification by Univariety and a Record of Participation by UCLA Extension.


The Global Career Counsellor Program

The Global Career Counsellor Program is an all-in-one guide that provides A to Z information regarding the modern era career options, streams, colleges, their admission processes, scholarships, and more. Most importantly, it delivers the secret mantra to deal with the students in order to align the ideal perspective with their thought processes. Therefore, it makes individuals the best career counsellor with all the necessary knowledge and abilities required to guide the students.

Their facility of letting candidates opt for the course online makes it easy to access and attracts a large number of potential candidates.

  • Develop the advanced traits of a trained counsellor
  • Strengthen your resume and give your profile an edge over others
  • Helps you to grow professionally allowing you to reach heights of success
  • Enhance your knowledge regarding the modern education system
  • Obtain the skill sets that will set you apart from others
  • Gain credibility and recognition internationally


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Padmavathi Devarakonda

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Kirti Sureen

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Michelle Masurkar

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