Frequently Asked

  • 1. What is UCLA Extension? Is it the same as the University of California?

    A. UCLA Extension is the continuing education division of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). UCLA Extension is part of the UCLA system, and all courses are approved by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). You can read more about it here.

  • 2. What is the teaching method for this course? Are there any books required?

    A. The Global Career Counsellor program is an online course and doesn't require any books. The program offers a combination of recorded videos, live sessions and digital reading material. The program also offers PPTs, reference links for certain modules. Similarly, the reading material for modules 1 to 9 can be downloaded in a PDF format.

  • 3. What is the structure of the program?

    A. The Global Career Counsellor program is designed to make individuals industry-ready. The structure is as follows: Orientation Session -> Counsellor Training Modules and Assessments -> Live Interactive Learning -> College Planning Modules and Assessments -> 5 Real-Life Case Studies -> Live Workshop -> Choose From Specialization -> Convocation Ceremony.

  • 4. How many modules are there in the entire course?

    A. The entire course is divided into two sections with a total of 18 recorded modules. The first section is the 'Counsellor Training Modules and Assessments’ which consists of 9 modules with submodules and the second section is the ‘College Planning Modules and Assessments’' which consists of 9 modules.

  • 5. Will the course cover details about the admission processes in countries which are considered as the major destinations for higher education?

    A. The Global Career Counsellor program covers details of admission processes of all major countries like the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Hong Kong. It also covers the pathways of some popular courses, scholarships and admission to top universities in the above mentioned countries.

  • 6. How long does it take to complete the Global Career Counsellor Program?

    A. This is a self paced course and can be accessed at your convenience. It typically takes 50 hours to complete the entire program. A candidate needs to follow the schedule to complete the program on time. To know more about it, view the schedule here.

  • 7. What happens if I miss the schedule?

    A. As per the schedule, the first section of modules should be completed within 45 days. For some reason if you are unable to complete them, you will be moved to the next batch.

  • 8. Are there any LIVE or Practical sessions? Is it mandatory to attend?

    A. Yes! The program comprises ‘Live Interactive Learning’ sessions conducted by expert faculty members. It is mandatory to attend these sessions because it is a part of the Global Career Counsellor program. These sessions and case study based learning have been added in the program to provide practical exposure.

  • 9. Can I enroll for the specialization after finishing the Global Career Counsellor program? Can I purchase more than one specialization at the same time?

    A. Yes you can enroll for the specialization after completing the Global Career Counsellor program. If you wish to choose more than one specialization, the program also allows you to do so.

  • 10. Can I choose only the specialization?

    A. No. Only Global Career Counsellor candidates can choose specialization. Since this is a part of the program, it cannot be accessed separately. These specializations are exclusively created to enhance the already existing course content.

  • 11. What certification will I get after successful completion of this program?

    A. You will be awarded a 'Green Belt Certification' in 'Global Career Counselling' by Univariety and a 'Record of Participation' (ROP) in 'Global Career Counselling' by University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension stating that you have successfully completed the program. You can take a look at the certificate here.

  • 12. Why does UCLA Extension offer a Record of Participation instead of a Certificate?

    A. UCLA Extension offers more than 100 distance programs. The university offers a ‘Record of Participation’ for short term courses. They offer certification for courses like Diploma and above. The Record of Participation from UCLA Extension is widely accepted and of high international repute.

  • 13. Do I need to pay anything extra for the Green Belt Certificate (Univariety) & Record of Participation (ROP) from UCLA Extension?

    A. Not at all! Once you complete the program, we will share copies of the Univariety’s Green Belt Certificate and UCLA Extension’s Record of Participation.

  • 14. Is it possible to extend the duration of the program?

    A. Yes, the duration of the program can be extended on a temporary basis ( i.e. Maximum of 6 months from the date of request made through email for extending the program duration) only and only if the request is sent over email to stating that the client is unable to pursue the program due to any non-avoidable circumstances or commitment and after attaching required documents.

    Please note that the duration of the program can only be extended, if the candidate has not started the program or is doing the initial 9 modules (Univariety Modules) of the program. If the client is pursuing the other 9 modules (UCLA Extension modules), the program cannot be extended.

  • 15. What is the process of moving from one module to another?

    A. Like in most of the courses, there are assessments in this one too. You will need to complete a quiz after each module. These assessments are in the form of multiple choice questions. You will need to score a minimum score of 65% for the ‘Counsellor Training Modules and Assessments' and a 100% for the 'College Planning Modules and Assessments'.

  • 16. How many attempts are allowed for the assessments?

    A. For ‘Counsellor Training Modules and Assessments’ a maximum of 3 attempts are allowed for each quiz. If you are still unable to clear the quiz, you will need to make a payment of RS 250/- for each attempt thereafter. For ‘College Planning Modules and Assessments’ you will have unlimited attempts to completely clear the assessments.

  • 17. Will I be able to counsel students on my own after completion of this program?

    A. Yes, you will definitely be able to counsel students because the program covers aspects like how to effectively counsel students, techniques of counselling, expectations that parents and students have, how to resolve their conflicts, etc. Apart from this, you are also advised to regularly read up on certain topics to enhance your knowledge and keep yourself updated of any changes made in each admission cycle.

  • 18. How would this program/certificate add value to my CV?

    A. There is more than one way in which the Global Career Counsellor program can add value to your CV. Take a look at the outcomes of the program here.

  • 19. Will you help me get a job after completion of the program?

    A. The Global Career Counsellor program is designed in a way to make you industry-ready. With Univariety and UCLA Extension being the powerhouses behind it, finding a job will not be that difficult. However, we cannot guarantee a job after you complete the program. Having said that, our team is always available to assist you in your job search. Univariety also offers a ‘Counsellors Support Program’ for individuals who want to work as a Career Counsellor with Univariety.

  • 20. How will you help me open a counselling setup to guide students?

    A. Univariety provides full support to candidates who wish to set up their own counselling setup after completion of the program. The ‘Super Counsellor Program' is aimed towards empowering counsellors to become an entrepreneur. Read more about the Super Counsellor Program here.

  • 21. Do you provide networking opportunities after completing the program?

    A. Yes. After successfully completing the program, candidates are invited to join the Inner Circle – Alumni of Global Career Counsellor program. It is a private and exclusive community on Facebook that brings together GCC graduates of varied backgrounds and experience levels, to create an atmosphere of continuous learning, collaboration and support.

  • 22. What is the payment process for the Global Career Counsellor program?

    A. Payment can be done online. You can visit the Pricing Page to make the payment.

  • 23. What is the next step after I make the payment?

    A. You will get an email with the login credentials as soon as you make the payment. Post this, you will get a call from the support team within the next 12 business hours who will activate the course for you by providing access to the first 3 modules. You will also receive an invite to attend a LIVE orientation session on zoom where the instructor will guide you on how to access the course and introduce you to your batch mates.

  • 24. Can I get a refund post enrollment?

    A. A refund post enrollment won’t be possible. If you do not wish to go ahead with the program, you can purchase from an array of guidance and counselling products worth the amount paid for the Global Career Counsellor program. Please note that purchasing these products will be applicable before the orientation session. Once you attend the orientation session, you will be considered as a candidate for the enrolled batch.

  • 25. How can I call for a refund if I receive any false/misleading information?

    A. If the client seeks a refund due to any false/misleading information shared with him/her, he/she needs to submit a written request to attaching the Email ID / WhatsApp Message or any other written communication stating proof of false/misleading information shared with him/her prior to the enrollment.

    However, Univariety, being a reputed organization, ensures the information provided to the client is accurate and comprehensive.

  • 26. Will I get access to an expert counsellor at Univariety to answer my queries?

    A. You can rely on Univariety expert counsellors to help you during your journey. You can write to where your queries will be answered in 48 working hours by an expert counsellor from Univariety. Apart from this, you will also have the privilege to get your queries cleared after completion of the course for up to one whole year.

  • 27. What happens if I am unable to login or if I have any technical issues?

    A. Univariety has a fully-fledged Customer Support team who could be contacted on + 91 7337337657 between 10 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Friday. In case of any technical issues, they will guide you through.

  • 28. Is No-Cost EMI Available on the Global Career Counsellor Program?

    A. How often have you wanted to enrol for a career counselling course but held back owing to its price? Well, with the Global Career Counsellor Program’s No Cost EMI plan, you can follow your passion and become a trained career counsellor. Complete payment in 6-month easy instalments on 0% interest.

    Here’s How It Works:

    ₹ 6244.17 x 6 Months = ₹37,465

    Effective Interest - ZERO
    Processing Fee - ZERO
    Hidden Charges - NONE

    Finance Provided by Leading NBFC Organization

    Subject to Approval