About Overseas Education Consultants

Career planning and college admissions are the most crucial steps in a student's career journey. The world is rapidly changing, and nowadays more students opt to go abroad to pursue their higher studies.

Did you know that every year more than 8 million Indian students move abroad for higher studies?

Studying abroad is the biggest aspiration of any student. And not just students, their parents also eagerly wait to send their children to another country for global exposure.

Another fact is that the acknowledgement of abroad education helps students identify their strengths, explore different career options, test areas to upskill. Resultant, ensuring a 360-degree exposure to professionalism. Students get the chance to study in the topmost universities/ colleges around the world and choose modern programs/courses. Students can make the most of it and become the best version of themselves. Overseas education significantly impacts the personality of students helping them become more independent and responsible.

However, choosing the best suitable subject, course, career, and college is the toughest decision for students. They must know their interests, aptitude, and abilities by assessing themselves before making any decision.

Hence, they need help and proper guidance while applying for abroad colleges and courses. Therefore, they approach abroad education consultants to help them make decisions regarding overseas education.

Overseas education consultants are a very important source when it comes to getting information and advice for making decisions to study abroad. These professionals not only help students in career, course, and college selection but also guide them on how to adjust to a new culture. They help students tackle all the challenges of learning in a new environment and clear all their doubts.

Career Prospects

When a student thinks of international studies, he/she has to work on various aspects. They get confused mainly on what to study, where to study. On the other hand, their parents are majorly concerned about how their child will manage overseas studies, the financial aspects related to it, scholarships, and more. Therefore, they require a professional who is reliable for the A-Z aspects related to overseas admissions. Overseas Education Counsellors not only help students but also assist parents, resolve conflicts between students/ parents (if any), and ultimately get students to their dream college/university.

As the name suggests, an overseas education consultant offers overseas education consultancy services to both students and parents. The role of a study overseas consultants can be summed up as:

  • Assist and help students in easy or hassle-free application & paperwork processes.
  • Tell everything about the desired course, university, or country to students/parents.
  • Sometimes coordinate with universities to secure the admission of their students.
  • Answer all the queries of students/ parents related to lifestyle, finance, etc.
  • In a nutshell, we can say that abroad education consultants guide students at every step. Right from giving them a detailed overview of the courses, entrance exams, admission process, visa process (including visa preparation and documents verification and visa applications, etc), and the total cost of overseas education.

    They provide the best possible guidance to students for abroad studies. These professionals understand that every student has different goals, aspirations, and ambitions. Hence, they guide each student as per their strengths, needs, and aspirations. Their purpose is to:

  • Ensure that students are making well-informed decisions
  • Provide complete & accurate information on universities/ courses/ study destinations
  • Create holistic profiles of students based on their academic/ non-academic history, ambitions, etc
  • Guide students throughout the admission, visa, and scholarship process
  • Jobs & Salary

    As you know that overseas education consultants help in many areas:

  • Evaluation of profile
  • Selecting the university
  • Admission Processing
  • Documents Verification
  • Education Loans
  • Statement of Purpose Preparation
  • Visa Processing
  • The most important skills overseas consultants must possess are:

  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • If the professional is specialized in the core areas of the overseas admissions processes, it’s an added advantage for them. Being trained in study abroad counselling helps them create a perfect roadmap for students according to their interests and capabilities.

    These professionals offer unbiased, comprehensive, ethical, and quality international education services. The job of an overseas education consultant is very crucial. Therefore, study abroad education consultants get paid based on their qualifications, skills, experience, and training.

    The average salary of an Overseas Education & Career Consultant ranges from approximately INR 14,709 per month to INR 50,000 per month. The average annual salary in AEC - Abroad Education Consultants is around INR 2.5 LPA to 5 LPA. Freshers usually start their career from this range which increases with experience.

    Pros & Cons

    Overseas education consultants guide students for higher education worldwide. They prepare students for a globally successful life.

    If you love guiding students in making career decisions, creating career paths for students, and want to become a global overseas education consultant, you must know the pros & cons of this profession.

    Here, in this section, we are listing a few advantages and disadvantages of this profession so that you can also make an informed decision.


  • Get great exposure.
  • Offer end-to-end guidance services to students
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Open your overseas consultancy
  • Become a trustworthy & valuable resource to parents
  • Maintain work-life balance.
  • Be in demand every time.
  • Enjoy meaningful work & career growth
  • Cons:

  • Have to prove your potential and skills
  • Becomes difficult to manage students/ parents conflict sometimes
  • You may feel overloaded with work sometimes.
  • Testimonials

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What do overseas education consultants do?

    While planning for abroad studies students approach reputed professionals to guide them through the process. These professionals are overseas education consultants. These professionals are responsible for:

  • Analysing streams and ideal careers for students
  • Identifying the best course, college, country for students
  • Creating a university shortlisting strategy
  • Assisting students on their SOPs, LORs, Essays, etc
  • Guiding students on Application Process
  • Scholarships, Visa Processing, and more.
  • What does an education consultant do?

    Education consultants are passionate professionals who positively influence student achievement. They guide students in career planning. From selecting boards, subjects, careers, to choosing a college, country for higher education, they are responsible for every aspect of a student’s career journey.

    How do I become an international education consultant?

    Thousands of students plan to study abroad every year. They look for professionals who can guide them in selecting a career, college, and country. Guide them through the application process, visa process, and more. These professionals are international education consultants.

    To become a dynamic and vibrant overseas education facilitator, you need several qualifications and skills:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Expertise in overseas admissions
  • Ability to meet global competencies in overseas education
  • Information about various careers, courses, universities, countries, etc
  • Complete knowledge from the application process to the visa process
  • How do I become an educational consultant?

    At present, 93% of schools in India do not have counsellors to help students make the right career choices. Hence, there is a rising demand for professional career counsellors in India.

    To become an education consultant in India, you must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, skills to guide students/ parents. For that, you can take up a professional career counselling course. It will provide you with the skills and knowledge required for this job and give accreditation of a trained career counsellor.