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Career Counselling in India

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane. Remember the first time you learned to ride a bicycle? Or the first time you cooked something by yourself? Well, it obviously wasn’t easy, especially when there was nobody to guide you…. Continue Reading →

The Role of Guidance and Counselling in the Education Industry

Any form of guidance and counselling is an important educational tool in shaping the personality and basic orientation of the child since childhood. All good things when initiated early turn out to be successful over a period of time. Counselling… Continue Reading →

Celebrate Holi with Shades of Excellence

There is an incredible zeal of celebration in the heart because Holi is around the corner. It is an Indian festival which is also known as the “festival of colours” or the “festival of love”. Holi signifies the victory of… Continue Reading →

When is the right TIME to visit a Career Counsellor ?

Career Counselling has become a core part of the K-12 industry. Progressive schools across India are now looking for certified career counsellors on their payroll. But how does a student realize the need to visit a career counsellor? Or when… Continue Reading →

Top 7 Tips for New Counsellors

A Career Counsellors journey is quite exciting. As a new Career Counsellor, one goes through a lot of ups and downs in shaping their own career. The entire process of career development comes with a mixture of positive and negative… Continue Reading →

Steps to the Global Career Counsellor Certification Course

The Global Career Counsellor Certification Course a unique, all-in-one guide to Career Counselling in India and abroad. The GCC course takes you through everything you need to know about career counselling. The collaboration of Univariety with University of California, Los… Continue Reading →

How do you conduct a career counselling session?

Career Counselling is the pivotal cog in a student’s journey. A good career counsellor makes the perfect roadmap for students and based on which they can achieve their goals. The career counsellor can give the right direction to the child… Continue Reading →

How Career Counselling is one of the Most Essential Components of Today’s Education

One in every three university student is unhappy about the course choices that they have picked. That’s like almost half a million unhappy University students! As you can see, that’s an alarming statistic. In addition to that, when it is… Continue Reading →

Highway to the education sector?

A decade ago you were reading an education article in the newspaper or a magazine. Today, you’re scrolling through different content as per your interest on your tablet, laptop or mobile phones. We are living in a time that is… Continue Reading →

What do you want to be? Is not the right question to ask young people – Career Counsellor

Career counsellor Scenario 1: What do you want to become? It’s high time. You have to make a choice right now. Scenario 2: Did you know? The choices you make today about your career, your college and your future will… Continue Reading →

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