Research says that many employees are not happy with their current job and want to quit it. How do you define happiness in your current job?

  • Job Satisfaction
  • Salary & Perks
  • Workplace environment
  • Team 
  • Other Benefits

The perception of happiness changes from a person to person. And if your present job is forcing you to compromise your happiness, it’s time to move on. The decision may sound extreme, but you got your priority list right and happiness is on top of it. 

In your job, you can fall under these three categories – engaged, not engaged, actively disengaged. There can be others too, but broadly these categories translate to good, mediocre and bad. If you are engaged and involved in your job, then you are happy and committed to your work. You need not switch. If you are not engaged, then your job is satisfactory but you don’t mind exploring greener pastures. If you are actively disengaged, then that’s a cause for concern. Don’t think a second before you switch your job. 

Ok, you have thoroughly evaluated your work environment and took a decision to call it quits. Now, what next? How to land in your dream job? How to make the most of this lockdown time to make yourself the best candidate for your prospective employer?

Have a Plan Ready

You are looking for a better job, so you have to be better than your previous self. The key is to upskill yourself. Upskilling helps you in multiple ways by equipping you with the right skill sets required for your next job. There is always a need to enhance your knowledge, so get some online certifications. Even if you want to stay in your current job, these certifications will help you move from ‘not engaged’ zone to ‘engaged’ zone. If you are a teacher or an educator, a career counselling course is the right choice to scale up in your career. Internationally-reputed courses like Global Career Counsellor offer two certifications – Green Belt and a certificate from UCLA Extension, USA. 

Till you find a new job, you can venture as a career counsellor with this certification and once you get a job, you can continue this in your free time. If you are successful in giving guidance to students and making them successful, you can also think of it as a full-time career. 

Update your Resume

Add the details and description of your current job and company, and update your resume. If you have done any skill-building courses and certifications, don’t forget to add them. They bring a lot of value and credibility to your resume. If you feel the need for professional resume writing services, you can check one online. 

Make a Pleasant Exit

This is the most important part during your exit. Serve the notice period as per the company requirement and ensure that you do the knowledge transfer to your successor. Be graceful to everyone and continue a cordial relationship with your co-workers. Any bad move in this phase can ruin your professional reputation. Your next employee can run a background check on you or you might need the help of your ex-colleague for any project in the future. So keep calm and make a pleasant exit. 

Parting Note

The important factors to consider while leaving your current job are, first, to check where you stand on the happiness index. If you feel underutilized or disengaged, then it’s time. Then comes your plan to upskill and add value to your resume, followed by a friendly exit. In these turbulent times, where things are uncertain it’s better to focus on a new skill and alternate source of income. Global Career Counsellor certification has a success rate of giving many money-making avenues for those who completed the course. This is the right time to make the right choice. The online certifications have dual benefits – they can find you a better job and they can give an alternate income stream. Grab them now!


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