A sportsperson or a musician or a painter spends a lot of time learning and practising different techniques that get them success. All their learnings culminate in a splendid performance or a masterpiece. All the individuals investing in themselves emerge as better versions. That investment is the most valuable thing. So, the key to success is learning and there is no better time to invest in yourself than NOW. 

The future is what we make in the present times. The little improvements in yourself you make today will go a long way in establishing your position as an expert in your field. As they say, change is the only constant, investing in self is causing a change for good. You care a good counsellor, maybe a better one. But what it takes to become the best. How does it sound when someone calls you the best lawyer or engineer or educator or career counsellor in your city or the country. We know you could visualize that and now you have ample time to reach your dream destination. 

Right investments at the right time in these areas will make you the real wonder in your space.

Let’s understand things you can invest in during the lockdown period. 


Take time out to read a lot and grab all the information that makes you a master in your trade. Check out reliable sources that give comprehensive knowledge of your line of business. What’s the way forward after the lockdown? How much time will it take for things to be normal? Though some pieces of information cause apprehension, you can plan your way out by knowing alternatives that make you stand out. 


As you get good knowledge on things to do, add some online courses in your lockdown wishlist. There are multiple advantages of self-learning. One is the lockdown won’t affect your learning and do something productive. These learnings can give a new spin to your career and, may be, an alternate source of income. This helps you stay prepared for exigencies. In the future, you can be strong as you picked a new avenue to make money. 

Career Counselling can be considered to be an alternate career. With online counselling certifications like Global Career Counsellor, one can step into the ever-growing space of Career guidance and counselling. Successful completion of the course gets you a Green Belt certification and globally-renowned certification from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension. That’s the best part of this course. Stay home, stay safe, and create a roadmap to become a reputed career counsellor. Sounds great, right. 


Your mind is a constant thinking machine. Now that you have some free time, many ideas can pop up and push you to bring them to life. You might have thought about an easy way to teach your students, or motivate your colleagues, or solve a complex problem. Think of all the ideas from the past and put them in order, then pick the best idea and work on it. Invest your time on the idea and make it a reality. 


Take the advantage of the lockdown and stay close to your loved ones. This is an opportunity to communicate with them better. Reach out to your friends, students, co-workers, family over phone or other modes of communication. Every day you see a string of apps and technologies that boast of bringing people together. In these tough times, a conversation with someone close will make you feel better. 


Health is of prime importance during these days. Stay at home and eat healthy. Spend some time on exercise and physical fitness. Watch some videos that give workout tips and simple exercises you can do at home. It’s tough for you to step and take a walk, so shift all the action to home. If you are working from home, take short breaks whenever necessary and stretch a lot. Take a small walk near your work area to feel charged up and then resume your work. 

All these sum up to investing in yourself. And this is the time to do that. Take it as a now or never kind of situation. Be proactive towards learning and put all your ideas into action. All the investments you make now will translate into successful endeavors in the future.


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    To undergo the training whether good knowledge on Statistics i.e Correlations, coefficients , Standard Deviations etc.

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