They say tough times never last, but tough people do. Though life seems to hit a roadblock with the lockdown, where most of the companies, schools and establishments are shut. This may also cause a hindrance for many of you in terms of your earning potential. But don’t let this stop your learning. Time to think of an Online Certification during covid-19. With the end of this lockdown being uncertain, make productive use of this time with online courses. With constant learning, you can stay on top of your game and be the best career counsellor

Yes, these are difficult times but you can make the most of them with many online certifications. They build the necessary skills that increase your horizon of work in these challenging times. You might have chanced upon many online upskilling avenues in the past, but pushed them for later. Now, later is here. Just grab a laptop or mobile and start upgrading your profile.

The lockdown might have impacted the world in many ways but it can’t stop you from learning something new. Ever wondered getting a world-class career counselling certificate online? And that too from a globally-renowned university. That can really reboot your counselling career and keep you ahead of time. Make way for Global Career Counsellor certification (GCC).

GCC offers a blend of learnings from experts across the globe in the field of counselling. The curriculum supports your career counselling journey and aligns your learnings with the requirements of students. You get a comprehensive understanding of the counselling space with all the latest updates. After the completion of your course, you will get an international certificate from University of California Los Angeles Extension.

Benefits of Global Career Counsellor Certification?

  • Flexible

GCC offers a lot of flexibility as you can do the entire course at the comfort of your home. You need not attend physical classroom sessions and can grab all the learnings online. That’s one of the key benefits of career counselling certification.

  • Cost-effective

Compared to a traditional form of learning and development, GCC is cost effective. A global certification at this price is a real winner for the course. 

  • Self-paced

Based on your work and daily schedule, you can pace your sessions and take the assessments. 

  • Global Certification

After the successful completion of course, you will get two certificates – the Global Career Counsellor Certificate from UCLA Extension and the Green Belt certificate from Univariety

  • Relevant Job Search

As a certified career counsellor you will get job updates. This offering helps you find the suitable work and take a leap in your career. Now, no more hassles in your job search. 

  • Wide Recognition

Global Career Counsellor is a unique certification that is widely recognized in the Education industry. It adds a lot of value to your profile and gives an edge over others. 

So, Global Career Counsellor can be the bright side of this lockdown period. Stay safe at your homes and make the most of this time with Top Career counselling certificate courses like GCC.


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