Parents and students are understanding the importance of it.

Now, students are aware of making a career choice in the field they are passionate about. And, they have realized that career counselling is the means to do it. 

Career counselling is a never-ending process. Throughout life, it continues to serve individuals with clarity on the most blurry of situations. Be it an employee or a student one can discover your true calling via a proper career counsellor.

Although it is important for every ambitious individual to discover their true calling, it is crucial for a student to do so.

According to popular opinion, passing exams isn’t the only difficulty in a student’s life, it is making career decisions. Students are constantly surrounded by questions like- 

  • Stream to choose after 10th
  • Course after 12th
  • Dream job

And the answer to all these questions and many others is career counselling.

Need for Career Counselling

There’s a dire need for career counsellors. The majority of students are unaware of effective career choices and get on the bandwagon of popular courses & careers. However, that’s the farthest decision from the correct one.

With so many career opportunities students today often choose an irrelevant course and inevitably face severe job dissatisfaction. Hence, career counselling is a crucial aspect to keep in mind before making a career decision. The modern education sector that promises new age results for the new India, has career counselling right at the centre of it.

Now that we have understood that, let’s see why career counselling is no longer an option for students anymore.

Eliminates Confusions Regarding Career

Experts in the career counselling sphere say that the types of career opportunities are multiplying every day. This is creating more confusion than ever amongst students.
And quite naturally so.

Amidst thousands of available options, choosing the one career that’s meant for you, is like trying the find a key in a dessert.

Career counselling in this case helps students by guiding them to understand themselves first.  This includes helping a student discover his own unique interests, passions, and strengths. 

Based on this data, a counsellor shortlists the ideal careers that would be the best fit for the student. Followed by which, counsellors then suggest the best-suited college and country, to pursue the course.

Career Counselling Shows the Best Path For An Individual

When the first brick of laying a foundation is understanding an individual’s core strengths and passion, the entire monument goes on to become the strongest representation of that person.

That is exactly what career counselling ensures. 

The path designed for an individual is his/her own and own alone. At the same time being the best one for them. 

Provides Guidance Based On Latest Trends In Education

We all know how dynamic the education sector is. Every day there’s a new trend, impacting significantly how things function.

Newspapers and channels can only provide as much information. In this scenario, individuals need an expert on the inside. Whose primary objective is to help students understand the latest developments and provide tips on how to go about it.

Career Counselling Is Technologically Backed

Technology has transformed every leading industry, be it finance or education. So why should career counselling be far behind? The career counselling and guidance process is not subjective to a counsellor’s whimsical understanding of a student’s needs. Using technology and scientific tools, there are psychometric tests to assess a student’s interests and talents. 

These psychometric tests enable counsellors as well as individual students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and get insights into the career path best suited for them. 

The best part about them, they are completely unbiased and objective. They are not subjective to human errors like impressions and judgements. 

Psychometric tests can be used for many different assessments – personality types, learning styles, multiple intelligence tests are the most common types.

Skills To Become a Career Counsellor

In India, there is no lack of people providing “career counselling”, if you can call it that. Parents, relatives, neighbours, third cousins thrice removed – everyone has something to say or some free advice to give when it comes to career. 

Here’s the crux of the matter – Just searching ‘trending careers’ in Google and giving out that information as advice is not career counselling. Anyone can do that. And neither is the word of advice that usually comes with the smug voice of authority – “we have seen the world, so we know what we are talking about”. Times have changed – career prospects that were relevant in the past, are not-so-popular at present, and may go obsolete in the future.

A career counsellor plays a very delicate and responsible role. They have to mine the right information, research career prospects and analyze whether the student seeking counselling will be an ideal fit for it. They can’t rely only on information transfer. They can’t only rely on fulfilling a student’s current area of interest. But strike a careful match between the two. 

If you think you are best suited to become a career counsellor and help guide students along the right career path, these are a few skills that will come in handy. 

Research: There is a report published by the Institute for the Future and Dell technologies that say 85% of the jobs that are going to be popular in 2030 haven’t yet been invented. Every year, thousands of traditional careers are going obsolete and thousands of new jobs are being created. So giving students the right career counselling means you have to be really good at research  – REALLY GOOD. 

Listening: There’s a popular saying “We don’t listen to understand, we listen to reply” and there lies the problem. As a counsellor, you need to have a really good understanding of the student’s skills, interests, and aspirations, before you can give them any sound career advice. So listening is a talent that is essential to any career counsellor. 

Communication Skills: Having good communication skills is the most primitive skill required to become a career counsellor. It begins with understanding the queries of a student and responding with the most advantageous solution.

Empathy: Words can only convey as much. To understand the real dilemma of parents or students an emotional intelligence quotient is essential.

Problem Solving Approach: This skill comes into play when there’s a conflict between parents and students regarding career choices.


Career counselling sessions for students isn’t a luxury anymore. It is the need of the hour. And many students and their parents are beginning to acknowledge the fact.

This has opened up a lot of scopes for aspiring individuals to become professional career counsellors. And fulfilling their dreams is the Global Career Counsellor Certification.

The Global Career Counsellor program helps you to start a career as a Career Counsellor in just 3 months. It is a unique course designed by Univariety in collaboration with UCLA Extension. Learn the latest counselling techniques from around the world, gain credibility through an international acknowledgement of repute, and set up your business right at home.

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Now? We thought so. 🙂

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