We, Career Counsellors, are helping students to choose the right career path. But do you know that we can make this process even more interesting?

If you want to help students more effectively in career planning, more inserting and value-adding to our students. I am going to throw light on one more aspect which can help you in career counselling is Life coaching.

10 years ago, I was working long hours in a windowless cubicle as a support desk and dreaming of more freedom and adventure and purpose and magic.

Now I get to help and serve my beautiful career & life coaching clients from anywhere in the world, and do what I love. It’s the biggest dream come true. I want you to know, you can manifest miracles too. Big dreams. Daily magic. Waking up with purpose and joy. Better relationships. Career changes. Self-love. An abundance mindset.

Whatever it is YOUR unique heart desires.

On that note, I want to share with you 10 Ways you can suggest students. To Achieve Our Goals and Dreams. Because we all deserve that, and nothing less. (Don’t settle).

Have a Vision

Who are you and what do you want? Create a vision for your ideal life. Make a vision board. Write down your goals daily, as most millionaires do. Know what you are calling each month.

Be creative. Go big. Go bold. Play with the magic of the Universe. I have manifested everything from soulmates and apartments and money to flowers and purple feathers. But it all starts with vision and intention.

Update Your Mindset and Energy to Match Your Dreams

This is the missing piece for most people. They set goals, but then procrastinate; they always wonder why they don’t take action. It’s because you have resistance to having what you want. You want love, but feel unlovable. You long to work out, but keep making excuses. You dream of a purposeful career, but don’t perceive yourself as capable or worthy. Once you get your beliefs and energy in alignment with your goals, you naturally take action. It becomes inspired.

I used to find it challenging to write blog posts and articles. It would take me hours to perfect it. Then I changed my identity to an Amazing Writer. I imagined what it would feel like to write with ease and flow. And now, writing is mostly a breeze. The Universe or source energy or my higher self does. I just set the intention and get out of the way.

That’s how it can be in your dreams too. You can let the Universe move through you, to create what you desire.

Have Regular Check-Ins

I have a magical morning routine where I set intentions and chat with my soul. And weekly and monthly planning sessions that rock my world.

Sometimes people ask how I achieve so much in a year. How I stay focused and inspired.  One of the secrets is that I regularly date and check in with myself… my true self… my soul or authentic truth. Not the chatter ego-mind that we listen to all day and takes us around in circles.

Be Constantly Learning

I believe in being an eternal student and constantly learning and upgrading my skills, mindset and wisdom each year through courses, workshops and mentors.

Our soul wants to expand. And there is so much wisdom available that can serve you. In my fantasy world, I always imagine people taking actions and being positive about them, It’s the wisdom to live a true and happy life. Who doesn’t want that?

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Outside your routine are acres of diamonds… amazing people, opportunities, ideas, inspiration and miracles… This year I have taken a lot of action to come out of my comfort zone… done Facebook live, started expanding my circle a lot more outside of my daily routine.

It was scary… but I know that magic happens outside our comfort zone. And you feel amazing on the other side.

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Raise Your Vibration

Get in alignment with your soul or inner being. With truth and possibility and magic and love and worthiness and miracles. Do the things that naturally make you feel inspired and in alignment. For me, that includes fresh flowers, morning walks, watching the sunrise, deep and meaningful conversations, good music, beginning outside at night, and reading books.

Feeling good today helps you not get attached to your goals for your happiness, which, paradoxically, helps you manifest your desires!

Surrender to Your Higher Self

You are not in this world alone. Our mind is constantly trying to figure out how to make our goals and dreams happen, but the truth is our heart knows the way. It may not seem logical, but you can feel it.

You can feel it when you are meant to leave a relationship, enrol in a course, create something new in the world, or treat yourself with more love. Ask your soul for guidance. Listen to that inner wisdom. Tune in daily. 

Be Possibility Focused

Many people focus on all the reasons why their goal or dream is not possible, instead of focusing on creative solutions and miracles. Don’t be one of them. Be a big dreamer. An eternal optimist. Understand that magic exists. Understand that you are worthy. You were put here on earth to create.

You have to believe in possibility and magic in order to find it. Start to open your mind to the highest vision for your life.

Keep in Mind What Matters

Already I have written a book WHY QUALITY MATTERS? Many people focus on the drama they are unable to understand the qualities into them, they fail to know themselves just going with the flow but this is totally wrong, also they like crappy TV shows (not the good kind), what their workmate said three years ago, or what other people think of them. This is tempting, but it is a sure-fire way to waste the precious time of your life; I will call it your holiday on planet earth.

Everyone needs to know what is important to YOU and keep that as your North Star in life. What are your values? Some of mine are: Impact. Freedom. Feminine. Magic. Creative expression. When I remember this, life becomes easy and soul-satisfying. Apply it.

Love Yourself

Because if you want to get anything done in this world, self-love and worthiness are step one. You are made of stardust. You are divine. Don’t ever settle for less your own worship has been acceptable. Remember that.

I have tried all this way in my life and I am teaching this way to my students as well. And they are effectively getting results for choosing their careers. But you first need to first apply it and then to your students.

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Sanika Thakur - Life Coach
Sanika Thakur

Sanika is a Trained Global Career Counsellor and a Life Coach. Her mission is to help students achieve their career expectations by knowing their personal abilities and creating a personal and professional transformation.

Sanika’s strengths include the ability to listen, understand and prepare the required action plan along with the correct motivation to encourage a client to push towards his/her maximum potential.

Sanika has 2 years of teaching experience in IT, and 11 years of experience as a career counsellor in hospitality management college.

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