In today’s era, the key to being successful or being different from the crowd is how you are different from others or your creativity and innovation which can catch attention and can be useful for others.

The design also emerges as a promising career option for students of all streams. It can be further divided into product design and computer design.

Product Designing

A product designer is a person who can have a critical framework and can solve problems. A product designer’s job can be further divided into a few key tasks. These include –

  • Designing: While a product designer might wear many hats, their principal task is still to design. A product designer will use their knowledge of colour, typography, detail, and other design elements to create a product.
  • Need of User: A product designer will dig deep into the technical and logical aspects of the products. This doesn’t mean just making a product; user-friendly. Product designers can be expected to conduct testing, email surveys, and other research, or know how to build wireframes, prototypes, and journey maps.
  • Teams collaboration and management: As a person that takes a holistic view of designing a product, a product designer often collaborates with designers, researchers, and business teams. This helps to ensure that the finished product aligns with a company’s goals, and folds in all the processes necessary to make the product user-friendly and well-designed.

These are some fields where we can proceed to become a Product, Designers:

  1. Textile designer
  2. Furniture designer
  3. Fashion designer
  4. Automotive designing
  5. Jewellery or Accessories Designing
  6. Graphic designing
  7. Production Designer ( Theatre, Film)

Textile Designers

Product designers are offered a job regarding clothing and textile where they have to select and test an ideal fabric or material of the product. People in this domain work with a variety of fabrics such as man-made as well as natural fibres like metals, plastic, leather, wool, etc. As a technologist, you’ve got to source fabrics or textiles that are suitable for your purpose and perform internal control tests. The job is to work on the development of the product, enhancing the product efficiency, while cooperating with those involved in the production process. The clothing industries and textiles are closely linked and therefore, the end products vary from clothing to household and industrial textiles.

Courses and colleges for textile designing –

  • B.Sc. in textile designing
  • B.Des. in textile designing
  • B.Sc. in fashion and apparel design
  • B.Tech Textile Engineering

Furniture Designing

It includes the crafting and modelling of furniture for its aesthetics and daily use.  You may be involved only in designing or you could also be offered to work in the workshop to create your design based on your skillset. Designing could be done individually or in a group where several people can collaborate to produce an innovative product to meet the end-user comfort. You can work with different organizations or can work individually as a designer to exhibit your skills and knowledge.

Courses and colleges for furniture designing

  • B.Des. or B.Sc. in furniture designing

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Interior Designing

Product designers can move into interior designing to design products that can be placed in the interiors and design the space accordingly. Interior and spatial designers make use of their creative and technical knowledge to come up with innovative designs for clients. The job is to design or renovate internal spaces including structural alterations, furniture products, lighting and colour schemes. You could work in a variety of commercial, leisure or domestic domains. Efficient use of space.

Courses and colleges for interior Design

  • UG Program in Interior Design
  • B.Sc. in Interior Designing
  • B.Sc. in Interior Design and Decoration
  • International Dual Degree Programme in Interior Designing

Automobile Designing

  • If you are a product designer and love machines then this field is for you. This field can grant you an opportunity to showcase your skills in an advanced domain. Automotive engineers deal with designing, developing and manufacturing vehicles and their engineering systems. Working as an automobile engineer, you get an opportunity to design new products and sometimes, modify the ones that are currently in use. You are also expected to identify problems within the machinery products and repair them. You must be able to utilize engineering and commercial skills to deliver projects within budget. Having experience built up in this field, you are most likely to choose your area of interest without any difficulty. For example, structural design, engines or exhaust systems.
  • B.Tech in automotive design
  • B.Sc. in automotive engineering
  • Diploma and Certification in automotive designing

Graphic Designing

It has more to do with software skills. As a graphic designer, you will have to make appealing visuals while being creative and having the potential to work in a team. You will be assigned with a variety of products and activities like marketing the products on websites, advertisements, magazines, making posters, computer games, product packaging, corporate communications and corporate identity, exhibitions and displays. Furthermore, you will have to meet the client’s requirements as per the brief and develop appropriate innovative ideas and concepts for the client’s objectives.

  • B.Des Graphic designing
  • B.A. in Graphic designing
  • Diploma in Graphic designing

Production Designing (Film/Theatre)

You are required to be a creative powerhouse to be successful as a production designer with a trait of visual arts that differentiates you from the rest. Production Designers have to look after the visual concept of a film, television or theatre production. The main job is to identify the design theme for sets, type of lighting to be used, props, location, graphics, camera angle, and costume designs while working closely with the director and producer. Once the concept is finalized, designers usually appoint and manage an art department that involves the construction and design teams.

  • BA Film Television & New Media Production.
  • BA Multimedia Film Production & Management.
  • B Des Film & TV Production.
  • BSc Film & TV Production.
  • MSc Film & TV Production.
  • PG Diploma in Art Direction & Production Design.
  • PG Diploma in Radio & TV Production.
  • PG Diploma in TV Production & Film Direction

Fashion Designers

Some of the top entrance exams for UG automotive design courses include UPESEAT, COEP, VITEEE, CUEE, UCEED, CEED and JEE Main.


If you have the right skills and ability to understand people’s requirements and provide them with the best possible solutions, you can be a part of this evergreen growing industry.

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