Support for Entrepreneurship

One-of-a-kind program curated by Univariety – Asia’s largest online school-based counselling network. Univariety in collaboration with the University of California, Los Angeles Extension (UCLA Extn.)has launched an exclusive online course - Global Career Counsellor (GCC) Certification.

The Support for Entrepreneurship program is designed for those who aspire to set up their own Career Counseling Practice. It helps GCC certified individuals to launch their own Career Counselling venture with the help of industry experts.

Thousands of students in India have limited options when it comes to quality Career Counselling. The Support for Entrepreneurship is an initiative that aims to fill the gap and give a Head Start to ambitious individuals who wish to make a difference as well as become Entrepreneurs.Through this Program, Univariety aims to give quality training and support to encourage excellence in Career Counseling in India. Univariety fulfills micro needs of existing and upcoming counsellors with its new age technology and various resources.

Support for Entrepreneurship Program has multiple benefits:

Recognition from UCLA Extension,one of the World’s top Educational entities.

Access to Univariety’s special technology with White labeling.

Regular industry updates to keep candidates up to speed.

Opportunity to seek direct help& guidance from industry experts.

360 Degree Solution & Support for Aspiring Counseling Entrepreneurs.

Technology in Career Counselling

Technology is widely used in counselling across the Globe. However in India, its use is still limited. Univariety has introduced the country’s first online counselling technology for students as per Global Industry standards.

Univariety’s Proprietary Counseling Technology gives you access to a system that provides an algorithm for college selection,and helps insetting Student Career Milestones, embedded search tools as well as a systematic student database management. It also provides online career assessment tests, thus allowing youto run the entire process smoothly.

Key features of the Support for Entrepreneurship Program:

MARKETING SUPPORT (Launching soon)

Students nowadays look for professional help from Certified Career Counsellors for their college planning process. The easiest and accessible way to look for a Career Counsellor is searching on the internet. Univariety - Asia's largest counselling body is going to launch a website where all the Support for Entrepreneurs will be listed city wise.
Therefore allowing students to reach out to Support for Entrepreneurs through the website as per their choice of city in order to seek some expert guidance.

Low Investment

Low Investment

Low Investment

Less Working Capital Required

Low Investment

No Royalty

Low Investment

High Returns

Low Investment

Access to Training, Technology, Assessment Tools & Branding

Low Investment

A 100 sq. ft. space (exclusive or shared) to set up the Counseling Center

The Support for Entrepreneurship Program will help individuals establish their Independent Counselling Practices, create their own brands and set up a thriving Counselling Enterprise.

The Support for Entrepreneurship Program is by application only.

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At the moment we are able to process only 30 applications per month on first come first serve basis.

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