Fantastic Four! Does that ring a bell? 

You might be hovering over the superhero world and we offer 4 ‘must-have’ elements that can launch you as a superhero in the career counselling world

Career Counsellor – the two strong words mean a beacon of light in the lives of students. The words speak of guidance and beyond, and a person on whom people can rely on smart decisions with respect to careers. So, career counsellors have to keep up with the times and up their ante in delivering the best form of guidance. 

Career counsellors have a greater understanding of the student’s mindset and they possess knowledge of careers, colleges, and courses, they know how to give the right guidance at the right time, and they are adept at hand-holding students in their journey alongside giving them moral and emotional support. 

Let’s breakdown the Fantastic four. 

Career Counselling Knowledge:

Students come to counselors with a lot of queries on college, courses, stream selection, extracurriculars and more. Career counsellors should have first-hand information about all the available courses. They can subscribe to comprehensive career counselling courses such as Global Career Counsellor for more insights into counseling and arm themselves with information. After completion of all the modules of this course, the counsellors will go through an assessment. That cements their knowledge and they can use it to be successful in their careers.

Career Counsellor Personality:

Career counsellors should have a pleasing personality. They should be open to a lot of hearing and they have to be patient with the students. At times, people walking into the counselling centres are resistant to change. They stick to their choices and don’t want to change. Parents and students may not hit a common ground in terms of finalizing the courses. In these times, career counsellors have to be active listeners and understand the need of the students.

Career Counsellor Experience:

Career counsellors have to be experienced in taking numerous counselling sessions and handling various students. Most of the teachers turn into career counsellors, and few career counsellors venture into entrepreneurship and start their own counselling business. The more time you spend with students giving them guidance adds up to your experience and helps you answer their questions in less possible time. When you have many case studies of students with you, it becomes easy to solve the present-day problem by pulling your past experiences.

Counsellor Certification Course:

Certificates speak a lot about the knowledge and skillsets of career counsellors. The right course in career counselling with international standards and certification adds more value to a counsellor’s profile. Certifications like Global Career Counsellor Certification GCC bring more weight to the resume of counsellors. When they apply for counselling jobs in educational institutions they have a likely chance of making it through the selection process. Moreover, certificates issued by international institutions are a testimony to the prowess of career counsellors. 

Career Counsellors should have these FOUR critical elements to spearhead their careers. With the availability of comprehensive online courses offering international certification, career counsellors can rest assured of their success.



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