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Diverse Role of a Teacher!

The role of a teacher has changed massively with the introduction of digital media. How? Let’s go back to History It used to be simple before. A teacher was seen as a lecturer or someone who delivered knowledge and conducted… Continue Reading →

The Role of Guidance and Counselling in the Education Industry

Any form of guidance and counselling is an important educational tool in shaping the personality and basic orientation of the child since childhood. All good things when initiated early turn out to be successful over a period of time. Counselling… Continue Reading →

The Dynamic Role of a Career Counsellor

With over 1.5 lakh schools across India, only a few hundreds of them happen to employ a full-time career counsellor on their premises! Imagine, the dearth in career guidance that students are facing. This statistic is not only alarming but… Continue Reading →

Educational Consultant Role in Student life

With competition among students at an all-time high and with 92% of students not receiving any form of career guidance in schools, the role of an educational consultant becomes critical. An educational consultant is one who is employed by either… Continue Reading →

The Dual Advantage: Teachers + Career Counsellors

Did you know that just 8% of students receive career guidance in schools and almost 86% of high school students are concerned about their higher education options? Not only this, the Government of India’s (MHRD) directive to provide teacher training… Continue Reading →

How do you conduct a career counselling session?

Career Counselling is the pivotal cog in a student’s journey. A good career counsellor makes the perfect roadmap for students and based on which they can achieve their goals. The career counsellor can give the right direction to the child… Continue Reading →

Global Career Counsellor Certification – a boon for Teachers

Moreover, Is having a B.Ed enough to be a GOOD TEACHER? Well, as a teacher one needs to have the zeal to guide students towards the right and impart knowledge to make them responsible citizens of the country. Today, with… Continue Reading →

Career Counselling – Perfect Choice for a people person

Do you start the conversation with “you”? Do you avoid a templated, robotic response always? Are you a believer in asking and not telling? Do you keep a watch on your tone? Eureka! You are a people person and loves… Continue Reading →

Can a Psychologist take up a Career Counselling Course?

The name psychologist may flash many images from pop culture. The characters from epic movies such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Good Will Hunting, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Sixth Sense, Split, and many more, may also… Continue Reading →

Career Counselling: The Next Step for Teachers

Did you know that almost 86% of high school students are concerned about their higher education with just 8% of students attributing guidance received from school? Does this not ring a bell that the same high school students who happen… Continue Reading →

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