Becoming a career counsellor is one of the most rewarding jobs in the market today. While most professions are graded on the basis of pay, being a career counsellor is fulfilling since you get to guide people on their chosen career paths.

To Become a Career Counsellor?

  • Get the right qualification

A career in counseling requires a strong background in physiology since one requires a thorough understanding of human behaviour. Thus, a career counsellor requires a strong background in human psychology to be able to match the right attitude, opinion, and skills. Degree in human physiology is a necessity in this career. Having a masters in this field is an added advantage and can give one a competitive edge in the industry.

  • Get some experience

In career counselling, Experience is the greatest weapon that can compel you to greater heights. Working under an experienced counsellor can give you the platform to launch and scale your career as a counsellor. Also, working as a volunteer in colleges and universities can give you the experience needed in this job.

  • Get licensed

Like most careers, counselling requires one to acquire a license from the relevant authorities. Being licensed enables you to operate legally and avoid getting in trouble with the government. Further, being licensed gives one the credibility and trust to win over customers. Before graduating from college or graduate school, conduct thorough research on the requirements by the licensing authority in your local area. In most countries, one is required to take a state taste in order to qualify to become a licensed career counsellor. Among other things, the state test is meant to test the skills and competencies of the individual as well as their background in understanding human behaviour.

  • Secure employment

Being a career counsellor is a job like any other and requires one to acquire employment by way of private practice or employment. Starting your own private clinic has its advantages like financial freedom and an opportunity to be the sole decision-maker. On the other hand, working under someone else is advantageous since you work to work in an already existing structure. Also, being employed can offer you mentorship and an opportunity to network with future clients.

  • Skills and attitude

To be a mentor, one needs to have the right skillset and attitude. The desire to help people and sharpen their careers should be your leading motivation while choosing this career. Also, having the right attitude can help you navigate the challenges that come with the field. Some of the attributes that make one a great career counsellor includes being compassionate, understating, kind, and honest. Also, you must be emphatic about your client’s situation without being sympathetic to them. One should have the moral fabric to call out a client who is drifting from their career.


According to a study by Glassdoor, a leading career website, the average salary of career counselling is 50,000 dollars annually making it one of the high paying professions today. So go ahead and make a mark in society!




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