What is Graphology?

Derived from the Greek word ‘grapho‘ which means ‘writing’ and ‘logy’ meaning ‘study’. It is the study of handwriting.

The job of a Graphologist is fascinating. Dealing with different people with various personality types isn’t that easy. It takes years of practice and hard work to be able to identify, analyze, and understand an individual’s personality.

Most of us are unaware of how important is the job of a Graphologist and how does it impact our lives in a positive way. The graphics manifestation through the strokes and patterns of individuals talk a lot about their personality. The science and art of studying handwriting has a great scope in India & worldwide.

Nowadays, Graphologists are being hired at corporations, schools, colleges, counselling centers and more. How do they make a difference? Right from analyzing a candidate for recruitment, admission to renowned universities, family guidance, career analysis to control behavioral problems. Graphology makes a great impact in identifying and rectifying, like how we wish we saw the future and change it before it gets worse.

A Graphologist prevents a corporate firm from hiring a non-suitable candidate, enlightens a student about his/her personality which will further help in picking the right career, and more.

While there are a great demand and scope for the profession, there’s also a desire to grow, to progress, to build something big. And what’s that? Your own setup!

Successful Graphologists can run their own ventures.

Ever wondered if only studying the handwriting of various people can make you a successful Graphologist?

What is it that’ll add more value to your professional journey?

Yes, an upgrade to your CV with an authentic Career Counsellor certification. It will not only provides value to one’s profile but also gives immense knowledge and exposure to the education industry.

Let’s look at some facts that you can relate to:

  • Career Counselling is a process of identifying, analyzing and advising an individual about their personality, capability, strength & opportunities
  • The scientific art of understanding and career counselling a student/individual about their present & future prospects
  • Leads an individual towards a better and brighter future
  • CBSE has made it mandatory for every school to have a career counseling wing within the school campus
  • 85% of higher education candidates look out for Career Guidance

Therefore, Career Counselling as a career has immense scope. Especially when it’s a combination of Graphology and Career Counselling, it is a full power package for individuals to find solutions for all their problems.  

As a Graphologist, you already have the flair for analyzing an individual’s handwriting, you have keen observation skill to help somebody master their field, you very clearly understand the difference between handwriting, and you have the ability to detect their current mood.

Career Counselling will take you a step higher.

Let’s look at an example here.

Say, you have understood a student’s handwriting and have come to the conclusion that the student has a creative mind. He/she must get into a different stream like Journalism, PR, Artist, Actor, VJ, Graphic Designer, etc. Now, this only states that the student doesn’t have to struggle with Math or Science in his higher secondary school. What next?

Along with Career Counselling, you will be able to guide the student in detail about what career is exactly perfect for him/her. What subjects will benefit, which colleges should they aim, and what are the various entrances to get into their desired colleges. Not only that, but you will also be able to advise them on multiple college options overseas.

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This not only gives you an edge over your main profession that is Graphology but also adds tons of value to what you are doing. It goes into detail with more technical detailed assessments that make your job impactful in every way possible.

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