Can a Psychologist take up a Career Counselling Course?

Psychology courseThe name psychologist may flash many images from pop culture. The characters from epic movies such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Good Will Hunting, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Sixth Sense, Split, and many more, may also rekindle your dormant memories. You might have also searched on the web to know how to become a psychologist. That being said, Psychologists are adept at studying the human psyche. With ample psychology courses in their kitty and loads of practical experience, they help individuals solve their problems related to thoughts and emotions.

A person’s behaviour is a result of a mental map drawn by the five senses. Psychologists study the impact of the mind on the body. Hence, they come up with valuable suggestions to their clients to improve their life with a refined set of behavioral traits. The key lies in proper advice and the right guidance to fine-tune their thought process and hones the mental faculties. If you draw a parallel to the modus operandi of a psychologist to a career counsellor, they are quite similar. Well, that’s a surprising factor.

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Let’s run down the activities of a psychologist and relate them to that of a career counselor

  • Assessment

psychometric assessmentsPsychologists assess the root cause of all the problems and suggest correctional therapies. They have put the subjects to certain tests to deep dive into their problems. Career counsellors use psychometric assessments to know students’ personality types and offer career-related suggestions accordingly. With the knowledge of educational psychology, Psychologists can draw the personality traits from the reports in a better way. And this aspect makes them good career counsellors. Now, that fuels the process to assess the career guidance courses and zero in on the best one.

  • Goal Setting

Smart students

On the lines of a psychologist setting goals for treatment, a career counsellor sets career goals for students and creates a roadmap for success. A career counselling course helps the counselor to identify the key attributes in a student profile and map them to their dream university requirements. The course also helps counsellors to chalk out SMART goals for the students.

  • Help & Hand-holding

Psychologists help people to overcome their challenges and traumatic experiences. Likewise, career counsellors help students overcome the hindrances in career path and handhold them to make informed decisions, A psychologist can be a great career counselor as the ability to emote and empathize with the subjects is a common trait in both the professions, All they need to do is put their hands on psychology counselling courses.

Yes, a psychologist can become a career counselor, but the former should gain insights into various courses. That makes a career counselling course imperative and it checks all the boxes of requisite skills to take up the profession. Career counselling in India is a growing field & psychologists can up their ante by doubling up as career counselors.


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